2007-10-20 Frank LichtenheldUpdate all .po and .pot files
2007-10-20 Frank Lichtenheldrss/newpkg.tmpl: Sync description with HTML templates
2007-10-20 Frank LichtenheldRemove some unneeded includes
2007-10-20 Frank LichtenheldPackages::Template: Make one error message internal
2007-10-20 Frank LichtenheldPackages::DoIndex: Fix typo in error message
2007-10-20 Frank Lichtenheld500update_mo: Only update .po and .pot files if needed
2007-10-20 Frank LichtenheldAlways show polangs in footer
2007-10-20 Frank LichtenheldPackages::Search: ignore empty keywords after stemming
2007-10-20 Noritada, html/search.tmpl: Improve msgids that were...
2007-10-20 Noritada KobayashiUpdate Japanese po files.
2007-10-20 Noritada KobayashiFix a mistake in templates.ja.po.
2007-10-19 Frank Lichtenheldhtml/show.tmpl: Mark some more translatable string
2007-10-19 Frank LichtenheldUpdates and corrections to the German translation
2007-10-19 Frank LichtenheldUpdate all .po and .pot files
2007-10-19 Frank Lichtenheldhtml/show.tmpl: Translate a missing string
2007-10-19 Frank Add Japanese to polangs
2007-10-19 Noritada KobayashiAdd Japanese po files.
2007-10-19 Noritada KobayashiMerge branch 'master' of git://
2007-10-19 Noritada KobayashiFix a typo in a template: "$filename.file" -> "filename...
2007-10-18 Frank LichtenheldActually use langs.*.po
2007-10-18 Frank LichtenheldAdd Hungarian translation (sections+langs)
2007-10-18 Frank Lichtenheld500update_mo: Hardcode list of gettext files
2007-10-18 Frank Lichtenheldsections.*.po: Remove old non-US translations
2007-10-18 Frank LichtenheldMerge commit 'alioth/master'
2007-10-18 Tommi VainikainenUpdated Finnish translation
2007-10-17 Frank Lichtenheld050checkinst: Actually include
2007-10-17 Frank Lichtenheldrss/newpkg.tmpl: HTML escape package description
2007-10-17 Frank LichtenheldParse::DebianChangelog: update to 1.1.1
2007-10-14 Frank Lichtenheldshow.tmpl: Fix template syntax
2007-10-14 Frank LichtenheldUpdate all .po and .pot files
2007-10-14 Frank LichtenheldMerge commit 'alioth/master'
2007-10-14 Frank LichtenheldMake all remaining templates translatable
2007-10-14 Frank LichtenheldMove common functions for template use to Packages...
2007-10-13 Frank Lichtenheldttxgettext: Handle UTF-8 input
2007-10-13 Frank LichtenheldMake all index pages translatable
2007-10-13 Frank LichtenheldPackages::Template: Add target parameter to page method
2007-10-13 Frank LichtenheldMake HTML shared templates translatable
2007-10-13 Frank LichtenheldMake config templates translatable
2007-10-13 Frank LichtenheldAdd L10N support for Template Toolkit output
2007-10-13 Frank Lichtenheldttxgettext: copy from webwml/
2007-10-13 Frank Lichtenheldcreate_index_pages: Fix charset
2007-10-13 Frank Lichtenheldapache.conf: All pages are sent with charset UTF-8...
2007-10-12 Tommi VainikainenUpdate Finnish translation
2007-10-12 Frank LichtenheldMerge branch 'master' of ssh://source/srv/source.djpig...
2007-10-12 Frank LichtenheldREADME: Add
2007-10-08 Frank Lichtenheldparse-contents: Update progress approximation
2007-10-08 Frank Lichtenheldsections.*.po: Update
2007-10-08 Frank Lichtenheldparse-contents: Fix display of progress
2007-10-08 Frank LichtenheldPackages::Dispatcher: Fix some formatting issues
2007-10-07 Frank LichtenheldDon't try to output html in error/debug messages
2007-10-07 Frank Lichtenheldpackages-site.css: Remove some remaining occourences...
2007-10-07 Frank LichtenheldPackages::CGI: Remove support for msgs and notes
2007-10-07 Frank Lichtenheldcontents search: Give result in correct case
2007-10-07 Frank Lichtenheld050checkinst: replace subversion with git-core
2007-09-18 Frank Lichtenheldhtml/messages.tmpl: Fix XSS vulneralibility
2007-09-18 Frank Update
2007-09-18 Frank LichtenheldPackages::I18N::LanguageNames: Misc. fixes
2007-09-18 Frank LichtenheldPackages::Sections: Add translations section
2007-09-18 Frank Lichtenheldsections.pot: Update for non-US support removal
2007-09-18 Frank LichtenheldPackages::I18N::LanguageNames: Sync with
2007-09-18 Frank LichtenheldPackages::I18N::Languages: Sync with webwml/english...
2007-09-18 Frank LichtenheldPackages::DoSearchContents: Avoid breaking the grep...
2007-09-18 Frank LichtenheldMerge branch 'master' of ssh://source/srv/source.djpig...
2007-09-18 Frank LichtenheldTODO: misc. updates
2007-09-15 Frank LichtenheldINSTALL: document example crontab
2007-09-15 Frank LichtenheldAdd example crontab
2007-09-14 Frank Lichtenheldconfig/mirrors.tmpl: Add mirror_list URLs for amd64...
2007-09-14 Frank Lichtenheldconfig/mirrors.tmpl: Mirror list maintainance
2007-09-14 Frank Lichtenheldcreate_index_pages: Make common functions available...
2007-09-14 Frank Lichtenheldhtml/index.tmpl: Fix "Source" link in the navigation bar
2007-09-14 Frank Lichtenheldhtml/search*.tmpl: Improve <title> tags
2007-09-14 Frank Lichtenheldhtml/download.tmpl: Include filename in <title> tag
2007-09-14 Frank LichtenheldAdd a basic installation guide as INSTALL
2007-09-12 Frank LichtenheldAdd bin/daily to .gitignore
2007-09-12 Frank Lichtenheld600prepare_newpkg: Forgot one s/unstable/sid/
2007-09-12 Frank Lichtenheldhtml/show.tmpl: Improve the dependency legend
2007-09-12 Frank Lichtenheldhtml/show.tmpl: Improve dependency list readability...
2007-09-12 Frank LichtenheldTemplates: Also display the suite's alias name in selec...
2007-09-11 Frank Lichtenheldhtml/show.tmpl: Improve Homepage link
2007-09-11 Frank LichtenheldPackages::Search: Fix fallback suites
2007-09-11 Frank Lichtenheldhtml/index.tmpl: Fix listing of providers
2007-09-11 Frank Lichtenheldsetup-site: Use cp -p and sed -i instead of just sed...
2007-09-11 Frank Lichtenhelddaily: Rename to to be able to use %TOPDIR%
2007-09-11 Frank Lichtenhelddaily: Simplify and reduce lockfile wait
2007-09-11 Joerg Jaspertbuild-maintainerdb: Send copy of mails to the PTS
2007-09-11 Frank Lichtenheldtxt/index.tmpl: Add missing ']'
2007-09-11 Frank Lichtenheldhtml/show.tmpl: Disable experimental Javascript tabbing
2007-09-11 Frank Lichtenheldhtml/show.tmpl: Improve display of VCS-* information
2007-09-11 Frank Lichtenheldhtml/show.tmpl: Always use <ul> for Maintainers
2007-09-11 Frank LichtenheldComment clean-up: Remove $Id$, fix FSF address, copyrig...
2007-09-11 Frank LichtenheldDeb::Versions: Fix a bug introduces by ~ handling
2007-09-11 Frank Lichtenheld100syncarchive: Really fix retrieval of Release(.gpg...
2007-09-11 Frank LichtenheldPackages::Page: Support homepage field
2007-09-09 Frank Lichtenheldhtml/foot.tmpl: Fix display of language footer
2007-09-09 Frank LichtenheldPackages::DoIndex: Ugly hack to fix content negotiation
2007-09-09 Frank LichtenheldVarious improvements of DDTP support
2007-09-09 Frank LichtenheldPackages::Dispatcher: Ugly hack to fix allpackages...
2007-09-09 Frank Lichtenheldcron.d/120synctrans: Allow overriding the server for...
2007-09-09 Frank Lichtenheldapache.conf: Let apache send static files directly...
2007-09-09 Frank LichtenheldPackages::DoIndex: Send Content-Length and Last-Modified