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2015-05-21 Harald GeyerHarald kommt auch
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2015-05-18 Markus RaabÜberwachung in Wien
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2015-05-06 chrysnlinuxwochen: es gibt einen debian-stand
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2015-04-26 Sebastian Bachmannjessie release party
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2015-04-17 Sebastian Bachmannit's friday
2015-04-17 Sebastian Bachmannjobs... steve jobs
2015-04-16 Sebastian Bachmannlots of changes after a lot of time
2015-04-16 Sebastian Bachmann[Insert your commit message here. Be sure to make it...
2015-04-16 Sebastian BachmannLOTS of changes. period
2015-04-16 Sebastian BachmannWho knows WTF?!
2015-04-16 Sebastian Bachmanndebug suff
2015-04-16 Sebastian Bachmannlots of changes after a lot of time
2015-04-16 Sebastian Bachmannsyntax
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2015-02-18 Markus Raabsome thoughts..
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2015-02-18 Rhonda D'Vinekeysigning too
2015-02-18 Rhonda D'VineLinuxwochen Thema
2015-02-18 Sebastian Bachmannleider abmeldung
2015-02-17 Sebastian Bachmannfür kurzentschlossene
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2015-01-16 Markus Raabdebian treffen
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2014-12-18 Sebastian Bachmannadding proposal for a talk
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2014-11-19 Gerfried Fuchsmore news
2014-11-09 Markus RaabNew and fun things in Debian
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2014-10-16 Gerfried Fuchsnew irssi
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2014-10-16 Gerfried Fuchs+anwesende
2014-10-16 Gerfried FuchsAlex is not really that MIA
2014-10-08 Sebastian Bachmannyet another question
2014-10-07 Sebastian BachmannQuestion regarding badusb
2014-10-06 Sebastian Bachmannadding a question and correcting spelling
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