2009-01-27 Simon PaillardReplace non working volatile mirror debian.domainmail...
2009-01-12 Helge KreutzmannAdd fix noted by Jens Seidel
2009-01-11 Helge KreutzmannContinue translation
2008-12-02 Helge KreutzmannContinue German translation
2008-11-17 Helge KreutzmannRecomplete translation
2008-11-17 Helge KreutzmannAdd Khmer
2008-11-03 Frank LichtenheldPackages::I18N::Languages: Remove completly unused...
2008-11-03 Frank LichtenheldDeb::Versions: Also add hardy
2008-11-02 Frank Lichtenheldstatic/index.tmpl: Some small fixes
2008-11-02 Frank LichtenheldDeb::Versions: Add intrepid and jaunty to @SUITES_SORT
2008-11-02 Frank LichtenheldDeb::Versions: Logic of suites_cmp was backwards
2008-10-28 Frank Lichtenheldpackages-site.css: Add lenny-*
2008-10-28 Frank Lichtenheld120synctrans: Explicetly set exit status to 0
2008-10-28 Frank LichtenheldAdd lenny-volatile
2008-10-28 Frank LichtenheldRemove sarge
2008-10-28 Cyril Fix typo s/Resources/Ressources/
2008-10-28 Frank LichtenheldREADME: Resync list of cron scripts with cron.d/ contents
2008-10-24 Frank Lichtenheldapache.conf: Remove comment about configuration for...
2008-10-24 Frank Lichtenheldapache.conf: Remove %SITE% from RewriteRule substitutions
2008-10-24 Frank LichtenheldSome further changes for the archive/section tooltips
2008-10-24 Paul WiseShow tooltips for non-main sections and non-main archives
2008-10-24 Frank LichtenheldRemove all code related to the mail forwarding from...
2008-10-03 Frank LichtenheldRemove support for the sarge amd64 archive
2008-10-03 Frank LichtenheldAdd m68k to debian-ports architectures
2008-10-03 Frank LichtenheldPackages::I18N::*: Add some missing definitions for...
2008-10-03 Frank LichtenheldPackages::Template::languages(): Do not die if no langu...
2008-10-03 Frank Lichtenheldhtml/show.tmpl: Fix Perl warning
2008-10-03 Frank Unfuzzy
2008-10-03 Frank LichtenheldUpdate debtags vocabulary and regenerate related .po...
2008-10-03 Frank LichtenheldAdd links to
2008-10-03 Frank Lichtenheldhtml/show.tmpl: Fix corner case in dependency display
2008-10-02 Helge KreutzmannA few more strings
2008-09-23 Helge KreutzmannFix spelling noted by Jens Seidel
2008-09-22 Helge KreutzmannUpdate (was 1 fuzzy)
2008-09-22 Helge KreutzmannSlight additions
2008-08-21 Noritada Kobayashidebtags.ja.po: Make translations up-to-date.
2008-08-21 Frank Lichtenhelddebtags-xgettext: Correctly preserve linebreaks in...
2008-08-21 Frank LichtenheldUnfuzzy
2008-08-21 Frank LichtenheldRegenerate debtags.pot and update .po files
2008-08-21 Frank Lichtenhelddebtags.*.po: run fix_old_debtags_po on all .po files
2008-08-21 Frank Lichtenhelddebtags-xgettext: Handle linebreaks (and other whitespa...
2008-08-20 Frank Lichtenheldcheckinst: Add missing closing parenthesis
2008-08-20 Frank Lichtenheldsynctrans: Also make the name mangling for local mirror
2008-08-20 Frank Update list of DDTP languages
2008-08-19 Frank LichtenheldMerge commit 'alioth/master'
2008-08-19 Frank Lichtenheldhtml/search_contents.tmpl: Fix inverted wording choice
2008-08-19 Frank LichtenheldPackages::Dispatcher: Fix date logics again
2008-08-19 Noritada Kobayashidebtags.ja.po: Make one more tag up-to-date.
2008-08-19 Noritada Kobayashidebtags.ja.po: Translate tags without facets.
2008-08-19 Noritada Kobayashidebtags.ja.po, templates.ja.po: Make translations up...
2008-08-19 Noritada Kobayashidebtags.ja.po: Translate short descriptions of a facet...
2008-08-15 Frank Unset ddtp_ftpsite
2008-08-05 Frank Lichtenheld::Dispatcher/::DoIndex: Add Expires header
2008-08-05 Frank LichtenheldPackages::Dispatcher: Refine the Last-Modified logic
2008-08-05 Frank LichtenheldPackages::DoIndex: Copy the improvements in HTTP header...
2008-08-05 Frank LichtenheldPackages::Dispatcher: Send Vary: HTTP header
2008-08-05 Frank LichtenheldPackages::Dispatcher: Send 304 header if possible
2008-08-05 Frank Translate the new string ("Latvian")
2008-08-05 Frank LichtenheldUpdate debtags.pot and debtags.*.po
2008-08-05 Frank Lichtenheldpackages.css: Actually commit the defines for the new...
2008-08-05 Frank LichtenheldUnfuzzy one trivial change in the German translation.
2008-08-05 Frank LichtenheldUpdate templates.pot and templates.*.po
2008-08-05 Frank Lichtenheldhtml/foot.tmpl: Overhaul the footer
2008-07-24 Peter KarlssonFixed two typos.
2008-07-18 Helge KreutzmannFixes noted by Jens Seidel <>
2008-07-17 Helge KreutzmannContinue German translation
2008-06-20 Frank Lichtenheld050checkinst: Be more allowing when checking the permis...
2008-06-20 Frank Lichtenheldhtml/search.tmpl: Fix link to general search
2008-06-16 Frank Lichtenheldupdate_po: Do not update .pot files if only line number...
2008-06-16 Frank LichtenheldPackages::DoSearch: Fix handling of security source...
2008-06-16 Frank LichtenheldPackages::SrcPage::merge_package: Return 1 on success
2008-06-11 Frank Lichtenhelddebian/control: Add dependency on gettext
2008-06-05 Helge KreutzmannFixes noted by Jens Seidel, thanks!
2008-06-05 Helge KreutzmannUpdate to (604t0f82u)
2008-06-03 Frank LichtenheldUpdate debtags.pot/debtags.*.po for changes in debtags...
2008-06-03 Frank Lichtenheldapache.conf: Do not redirect /robots.txt
2008-05-12 Nick TorisUpdated translation by Yuri Kozlov <kozlov.y@gmail...
2008-05-11 Frank Lichtenheldapache.conf: Use redirects for short URLs
2008-05-03 Helge KreutzmannCorrections noticed by Jens Seidel, thanks!
2008-05-02 Frank LichtenheldUpdate debtags.pot and debtags.*.po
2008-05-02 Frank Lichtenheldhtml/head.tmpl: Include the language in the search...
2008-05-02 Helge KreutzmannUpdate to (582t,0f,99u)
2008-05-02 Frank LichtenheldFix handling of the base search URL
2008-04-26 Frank Lichtenheld100syncarchive*: Use check-release to check Release...
2008-04-26 Frank Lichtenheldcheck-release: Simple frontend to Packages::Release
2008-04-26 Frank LichtenheldPackages::Release: Module for parsing and checking...
2008-04-23 Frank Lichtenheldhtml/show.tmpl: Don't allow line breaks in some link...
2008-04-23 Frank LichtenheldMake language override URLs more robust
2008-04-23 Frank LichtenheldPackages::Template: Always provide a fallback g() function
2008-04-23 Frank Lichtenheldhtml/suite_index.tmpl: Fix error in variable name
2008-04-22 Frank Lichtenheld050checkinst: Really remove locale checks
2008-04-16 Frank Lichtenheldextract_changelogs: Fix broken current links
2008-04-16 Frank Lichtenheldhtml/download.tmpl: Fix apt sources list hint for ...
2008-04-16 Frank Lichtenheldhtml/head.tmpl: Remove some XHTML that crept in
2008-04-16 Frank LichtenheldUnfuzzy
2008-04-16 Frank LichtenheldUpdate .po and .pot files
2008-04-16 Frank Lichtenheldhtml/show.tmpl: Fix several escaping issues
2008-04-16 Frank LichtenheldMerge commit 'alioth/master'
2008-04-03 Helge KreutzmannFixes noted by Jens Seidel
2008-04-03 Helge KreutzmannUpdate to (567t,0f,115u)