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last changeThu, 21 Jan 2016 20:53:53 +0000 (21:53 +0100)
2016-01-21 Rhonda D'VineFinalize master debian/1.01b-19
2016-01-21 Rhonda D'Vinedbgsym package override added
2016-01-03 Rhonda D'VineBump Standards-Version to 3.9.6
2016-01-03 Rhonda D'VineUpdate my name
2013-09-13 Axel BeckertUpload to unstable as 1.01b-18 debian/1.01b-18
2013-09-13 Axel BeckertFix lintian warning possible-missing-colon-in-closes...
2013-09-13 Axel BeckertAdd the output of "getconf LFS_CFLAGS" to CFLAGS
2013-05-20 Axel BeckertApply wrap-and-sort
2013-05-20 Axel BeckertBump Standards-Version to 3.9.4 (no changes)
2013-05-20 Axel BeckertSwitch to a dh7 style debian/rules file
2012-12-29 Axel BeckertUpload as 1.01b-17 debian/1.01b-17
2012-12-29 Axel BeckertFix double build by calling "touch build-stamp" after...
2012-12-29 Axel BeckertFix blhc warning dpkg-buildflags-missing by passing...
2012-12-29 Axel BeckertAdd Vcs-* headers
2012-12-29 Axel BeckertFix lintian warning malformed-override
2012-12-29 Axel BeckertUpload as 1.01b-16 debian/1.01b-16
6 years ago debian/1.01b-19 Uploaded 1.01b-19 to unstable
9 years ago debian/1.01b-18 mmv Debian release 1.01b-18
9 years ago debian/1.01b-17 Debian release 1.01b-17
9 years ago debian/1.01b-16 Debian release 1.01b-16
10 years ago debian/1.01b-15 Debian release 1.01b-15
10 years ago debian/1.01b-12.3 Debian release 1.01b-12.3
10 years ago debian/1.01b-14 Debian release 1.01b-14
10 years ago debian/1.01b-12.2 Debian release 1.01b-12.2
10 years ago debian/1.01b-12.1 Debian release 1.01b-12.1
10 years ago debian/1.01b-12 Debian release 1.01b-12
10 years ago debian/1.01b-8.1 Debian release 1.01b-8.1
10 years ago debian/1.01b-6 Debian release 1.01b-6
10 years ago debian/1.01b-7 Debian release 1.01b-7
10 years ago debian/1.01b-1 Debian release 1.01b-1
10 years ago upstream/1.01b Upstream version 1.01b
6 years ago master
10 years ago pristine-tar
10 years ago upstream