Move to patch-tracker.d.o and update names (Closes: #545262)
[deb/packages.git] / templates / rss /
2009-03-15 Frank Lichtenheldtemplates: define packages_homepage and packages_homepa...
2008-02-29 Simon PaillardMerge branch 'master' of ssh://spaillar-guest@git.debia...
2008-02-05 Frank LichtenheldSeparate handling of po translations and DDTP translations
2007-10-20 Frank Lichtenheldrss/newpkg.tmpl: Sync description with HTML templates
2007-10-19 Noritada KobayashiMerge branch 'master' of git://
2007-10-18 Frank LichtenheldMerge commit 'alioth/master'
2007-10-17 Frank Lichtenheldrss/newpkg.tmpl: HTML escape package description
2007-10-14 Frank LichtenheldMerge commit 'alioth/master'
2007-10-14 Frank LichtenheldMake all remaining templates translatable
2007-06-18 Frank LichtenheldClean up footer handling
2006-11-28 Frank LichtenheldFinally fix the new packages rss feed