Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
[deb/packages.git] / conf /
2008-02-29 Simon PaillardMerge branch 'master' of ssh://spaillar-guest@git.debia...
2008-02-20 Frank Lichtenheldapache.conf: Issue a correct 404 for /favicon.ico
2008-02-20 Frank Lichtenheldapache.conf: Increase expire dates for images
2008-02-05 Frank Lichtenheldapache.conf: Some more URIs need to be handled dynamically
2007-12-10 Frank Lichtenheldcrontab: Add missing newline at EOF
2007-11-25 Peter KarlssonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2007-11-20 Frank Lichtenheld[UBUNTU] Import index page content from old site
2007-10-14 Frank LichtenheldMerge commit 'alioth/master'
2007-10-13 Frank Lichtenheldapache.conf: All pages are sent with charset UTF-8...
2007-09-18 Frank LichtenheldMerge branch 'master' of ssh://source/srv/source.djpig...
2007-09-15 Frank LichtenheldAdd example crontab
2007-09-09 Frank Lichtenheldapache.conf: Let apache send static files directly...
2007-09-02 Frank Lichtenheldapache.conf: Add file: search shortcut
2007-09-02 Frank Lichtenheldapache.conf: Some updates to mod_perl configuration
2007-04-15 Frank LichtenheldAdd some more files and directories to .gitignore
2007-04-15 Frank LichtenheldSupport "changelog:" short links
2007-04-14 Frank LichtenheldProvide backwards compatibility for newpkg pages
2007-04-14 Frank Add some backwards compatibility handling
2007-04-14 Frank LichtenheldBackwards compatibility mode for reportbug
2007-04-14 Frank LichtenheldAdd some .gitignore files
2007-04-12 Frank Lichtenheldstatic: Add a simple index page and use ttree to build...
2007-04-12 Frank Lichtenheldapache.conf: Add some more "no rewrite" patterns
2006-11-21 Frank Lichtenheldfun with module name differences between sarge and...
2006-11-21 Frank LichtenheldUpdate for use with apache2/mod-perl2
2006-11-21 Frank LichtenheldDo some often needed adjustments when setting up a...
2006-03-01 Frank LichtenheldMake src: urls actually work
2006-02-28 Frank LichtenheldAdd mail stuff from old code
2006-02-24 Frank LichtenheldAdd changelogs/ to exclusion list for rewrites
2006-02-22 Frank LichtenheldDisplay the index pages from within
2006-02-22 Frank LichtenheldAdd basic l10n support.
2006-02-20 Frank LichtenheldImport the old changelog extraction stuff
2006-02-15 Frank LichtenheldOnly have one CGI-Script and move most of the code...
2006-02-06 Frank LichtenheldFinally get a working solution that handles both static...
2006-02-05 Frank Lichtenheld* Move coniguratio stuf to own module
2006-02-03 Frank LichtenheldThese changes make the script mod_pe...
2006-02-01 Frank Lichtenheld* Adapt for current hosting (i.e.
2006-02-01 Frank LichtenheldAdd apache configuration