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2007-10-19 Frank Lichtenheldconfig.sh: Add Japanese to polangs
2007-10-19 Noritada KobayashiMerge branch 'master' of git://git.debian.org/git/webwm...
2007-10-18 Frank LichtenheldAdd Hungarian translation (sections+langs)
2007-09-09 Frank LichtenheldVarious improvements of DDTP support
2007-09-09 Frank Lichtenheldcron.d/120synctrans: Allow overriding the server for...
2007-09-08 Frank LichtenheldRemove non-US support
2007-09-02 Frank LichtenheldSwitch to using codenames
2007-06-02 Frank LichtenheldAdd etch-m68k
2007-06-01 Frank LichtenheldAdd armel as architecture and rename kfreebsd archive...
2007-04-19 Frank Lichtenheldconfig change
2007-04-15 Frank Lichtenheldextract_changelogs: Merge cron job changes from old...
2007-04-12 Frank Lichtenheldsyncarchive: add oldstable backports and volatile
2007-04-12 Frank Lichtenheldnon-US: don't download anymore
2007-04-12 Frank Lichtenheldkfreebsd: Enable again
2007-04-12 Frank Lichtenheldconfig.sh: Update list of architectures
2006-11-23 Frank Lichtenheldftp.debian.org doesn't have all architectures, so bette...
2006-11-21 Frank LichtenheldThe Big, the Fat and the Ugly commit ;)
2006-11-21 Frank LichtenheldDo some often needed adjustments when setting up a...