Add some more files and directories to .gitignore
[deb/packages.git] / cron.d /
2007-04-15 Frank Lichtenheldextract_changelogs: Merge cron job changes from old...
2007-04-15 Frank LichtenheldSupport "changelog:" short links
2007-04-13 Frank Lichtenheldsyncarchive_installer: Don't skip oldstable, sarge...
2007-04-12 Frank Lichtenheldsyncarchive: add oldstable backports and volatile
2007-04-12 Frank Lichtenheldstatic: Add a simple index page and use ttree to build...
2007-04-12 Frank Lichtenheldnon-US: don't download anymore
2007-04-12 Frank Lichtenheldcron.d: Use git instead of svn
2007-04-12 Frank Lichtenheldkfreebsd: Enable again
2007-04-12 Frank Lichtenheldprepare_newpkg: Also create a list of source package...
2007-04-12 Frank Lichtenheldcron.d: Disable some scripts for the time beeing
2007-04-09 Frank Lichtenhelds/stable/oldstable/
2007-04-09 Frank LichtenheldAlso download Release(.gpg) for security
2006-12-02 Frank LichtenheldUse the debtags vocabulary to be able to show prettier...
2006-11-27 Frank LichtenheldDownload Release and Release.gpg files. We could use...
2006-11-21 Frank LichtenheldThe Big, the Fat and the Ugly commit ;)
2006-11-19 Frank Lichtenheldimport 010cvs (renamed to 010svn of course) and 050chec... switch-to-templates
2006-04-16 Frank LichtenheldMerge AMD64 changes from current code
2006-03-03 Frank LichtenheldThere are no Contents files for udebs. But there are...
2006-03-03 Frank Lichtenheld- Fix some issues with non-US handling
2006-03-02 Frank Lichtenheld- Merge in some changes by Joey
2006-02-28 Frank LichtenheldAdd mail stuff from old code
2006-02-23 Frank LichtenheldClean-up behind Jeroen :)
2006-02-23 Frank LichtenheldReally adapt these to new archive/suite definitions
2006-02-23 Jeroen van WolffelaarRetrieve backports & volatile to their own suite
2006-02-22 Frank LichtenheldAdd basic l10n support.
2006-02-22 Frank LichtenheldActually update index pages in cronjob
2006-02-20 Frank LichtenheldAdd a simple script that call parse-packages, parse...
2006-02-20 Frank LichtenheldAlso skip experimental when using a local mirror
2006-02-20 Frank LichtenheldThere is no installer in experimental
2006-02-20 Frank LichtenheldImport the old changelog extraction stuff
2006-02-06 Frank LichtenheldImport from old source
2006-02-04 Frank Lichtenheld* Add back some parts of the cron job (100syncarchive_*)