ttxgettext: Handle UTF-8 input
[deb/packages.git] / cgi-bin /
2007-06-18 Frank LichtenheldPackages::Dispatcher: create from code from
2007-06-18 Frank LichtenheldClean up footer handling
2007-06-18 Frank Lichtenheldremove the html_header argument from do_* calls
2007-06-17 Frank Use all available languages for content...
2007-04-14 Frank Add some backwards compatibility handling
2007-04-14 Frank Lichtenhelddispatcher: Fix handling of Packages::CGI::http_code...
2007-04-14 Frank LichtenheldBackwards compatibility mode for reportbug
2007-04-12 Frank Lichtenhelddispatcher: Fix HTTP error code for "format not supported"
2007-04-12 Frank Lichtenhelddispatcher: Allow to use 'any' as an architecture name
2007-04-12 Frank Lichtenhelddispatcher: Update suite aliases for etch release
2006-11-28 Frank LichtenheldImprove error handling:
2006-11-28 Frank LichtenheldFinally fix the new packages rss feed
2006-11-23 Frank LichtenheldAdd string2id function that is useful in generating...
2006-11-21 Frank LichtenheldThe Big, the Fat and the Ugly commit ;)
2006-03-03 Frank LichtenheldFix some smaller issues reported by Thijs Kinkhorst
2006-03-03 Frank LichtenheldSupport multiple keywords
2006-03-03 Frank Lichtenheld- Fix some issues with non-US handling
2006-03-02 Frank LichtenheldFix some issues in contents search:
2006-02-28 Frank LichtenheldAdd text version of allpackages
2006-02-28 Frank Lichtenheld* completly overhaul URL generating. Now things like...
2006-02-23 Frank LichtenheldAdd format parameter (used by DoNewPkg and DoIndex)
2006-02-23 Frank LichtenheldClean-up behind Jeroen :)
2006-02-23 Jeroen van WolffelaarAdd forgotten DEBUG
2006-02-23 Frank LichtenheldFix an error I introduced in an earlier commit
2006-02-22 Frank LichtenheldDisplay the index pages from within
2006-02-22 Frank LichtenheldUups, forgot one use of $debug_allowed
2006-02-22 Frank LichtenheldMove $debug_allowed to CGI as a real constant and modif...
2006-02-22 Frank LichtenheldReplace _() with _g() everywhere. Oddly enough, it...
2006-02-22 Frank LichtenheldRemove a line that only made sense in the context where...
2006-02-22 Frank LichtenheldAdd basic l10n support.
2006-02-21 Frank Lichtenheldremove $SEARCH_CGI since it is always identical with...
2006-02-21 Jeroen van WolffelaarFix a few warnings, be more strict in what we accept
2006-02-21 Jeroen van WolffelaarUse exact wallclocktime when available (it's in the...
2006-02-21 Frank LichtenheldHmm, architecture names can contain '-'
2006-02-20 Jeroen van WolffelaarFix contents search my moving it to lib, like the rest...
2006-02-20 Frank LichtenheldAlways set $opts{searchon_form}
2006-02-15 Frank LichtenheldOnly have one CGI-Script and move most of the code...