This site hosts the git repositories which are at least somewhat related to Rhonda D'Vine—might it be Debian related or not.

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Project Description Owner Last Change
deb/debbugs.git debbugs themeing 7 years ago
deb/gitweb.git gitweb themeing 7 years ago
deb/hackedgotchi.git project hackedgotchi 5 years ago
deb/ikiwiki.git ikiwiki themeing 7 years ago
deb/moinmoin.git moinmoin (wiki) themeing 7 years ago
deb/packages.git packages themeing 6 years ago
deb/planet.git planet themeing 7 years ago
deb/webwml.git webwml (www) themeing 6 years ago
debienna.git Debienna ikiwiki 3 weeks ago
pkg/abook.git abook packaging 16 months ago
pkg/bacula.git bacula backports packaging 7 years ago
pkg/beep.git beep packaging 7 months ago
pkg/blosxom.git blosxom packaging 2 years ago
pkg/ejabberd-contrib.git ejabberd-contrib packaging 12 months ago
pkg/ejabberd.git ejabberd packaging 11 months ago
pkg/gitolite.git gitolite packaging 2 months ago
pkg/irssi.git irssi packaging 6 months ago
pkg/libcaptcha-recaptcha-perl.git libcaptcha-recaptcha-perl... 8 years ago
pkg/mcabber.git mcabber packaging 23 months ago
pkg/mmv.git mmv packaging 2 years ago
pkg/nafe.git nafe packaging No commits
pkg/netris.git netris packaging 2 years ago
pkg/qcake.git qcake packaging 7 years ago
pkg/sgt-puzzles.git sgt-puzzles backports packaging 6 years ago
pkg/spl.git spl packaging 6 years ago
pkg/t-prot.git t-prot packaging 2 years ago