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last changeFri, 4 Aug 2017 23:50:15 +0000 (01:50 +0200)
2017-08-04 Denis Briandready for upload master
2017-08-04 Denis BriandFix SIGSEGV with undefined USER environment variable
2017-08-04 Denis Briandbump standards version to 4.0.0
2015-12-31 Rhonda D'Vinedon't do -dbg package, let debhelper produce the automa... debian/0.6.1-1
2015-12-31 Denis Briandremove repetitive lines
2015-12-31 Rhonda D'VineUpdate my name
2015-12-31 Rhonda D'Vinereformat changelog entry
2015-12-31 Denis BriandRevert "Add fix_spelling_error_in_binary.diff patch"
2015-12-30 Denis Briandremove trailing whitespaces and add a patch file on...
2015-12-30 Denis BriandAdd fix_spelling_error_in_binary.diff patch
2015-12-30 Denis Briandadd "debug package" into mc-dbg short description
2015-12-30 Denis BriandSwitch debian/copyright file to machine readable format.
2015-12-30 Denis BriandRename postinst and postrm files into abook.*
2015-12-30 Denis BriandAdd debhelper token into maintainers scripts.
2015-12-28 Denis BriandProvide debugging symbols with a new abook-dbg binary...
2015-12-28 Denis BriandRemove autotools-dev build dependency
4 years ago debian/0.6.1-1 Uploaded 0.6.1-1 to unstable
4 years ago upstream/0.6.1
5 years ago debian/0.6.0_pre2-5 Uploaded 0.6.0~pre2-5 to unstable.
8 years ago debian/0.6.0_pre2-2 Uploaded 0.6.0~pre2-2 to unstable
8 years ago debian/0.6.0_pre2-1 Debian release 0.6.0~pre2-1
8 years ago upstream/0.6.0_pre2 Upstream version 0.6.0~pre2
8 years ago debian/0.6.0_pre1-1 Debian release 0.6.0~pre1-1
8 years ago upstream/0.6.0_pre1 Upstream version 0.6.0~pre1
8 years ago debian/0.5.6+cvs1-1 Debian release 0.5.6+cvs1-1
8 years ago upstream/0.5.6+cvs1 Upstream version 0.5.6+cvs1
8 years ago debian/0.5.6-7 Debian release 0.5.6-7
8 years ago debian/0.5.6-6 Debian release 0.5.6-6
8 years ago debian/0.5.6-5 Debian release 0.5.6-5
8 years ago debian/0.5.6-4 Debian release 0.5.6-4
8 years ago debian/0.5.6-3 Debian release 0.5.6-3
8 years ago debian/0.5.6-2 Debian release 0.5.6-2
3 years ago master
4 years ago pristine-tar
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