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2015-01-13 Sebastian Bachmanncentering images
2015-01-13 Sebastian Bachmannmake parent links always the same height
2015-01-13 Sebastian Bachmannchange header
2014-09-18 Sebastian Bachmannchange css due to logo change
2013-05-04 Sebastian BachmannMerge branch 'master' of debienna.at:debienna
2013-05-04 Sebastian Bachmannchange some css things, caused by px to em conversion
2013-05-04 chrysnfix floating layout again
2013-05-04 chrysneverything to em
2013-05-04 chrysnwork for smaller screens
2013-05-04 Sebastian Bachmannadding the correct logo and change css to match the...
2013-05-04 Sebastian Bachmannadding layout for one column pages, but that will unfor...
2013-04-18 Sebastian Bachmannfixing layout bugs
2013-04-15 Sebastian Bachmannmore sophistication of the html layout. adding colors...
2013-04-15 Sebastian Bachmanncreating a very basic structure for the html template