2006-11-23 Frank LichtenheldAdd a note about section handling in search_contents
2006-11-23 Frank Lichtenheldmake sure all_architectures is sorted
2006-11-23 Frank LichtenheldAdd facilities to display a site wide message on all...
2006-11-23 Frank LichtenheldFix "search in all architectures" link
2006-11-23 Frank Lichtenheldexperiment a little with the use of JavaScript. Right...
2006-11-23 Frank LichtenheldAdd string2id function that is useful in generating...
2006-11-23 Frank doesn't have all architectures, so bette...
2006-11-22 Frank LichtenheldRemove the _ subroutine. I don't use it anyway and...
2006-11-21 Frank LichtenheldThe Big, the Fat and the Ugly commit ;)
2006-11-21 Frank Lichtenheldfun with module name differences between sarge and...
2006-11-21 Frank LichtenheldUpdate for use with apache2/mod-perl2
2006-11-21 Frank LichtenheldDo some often needed adjustments when setting up a...
2006-11-21 Frank LichtenheldAdd these two images so that we don't have to link to
2006-11-19 Frank Lichtenheldimport 010cvs (renamed to 010svn of course) and 050chec... switch-to-templates
2006-11-12 Frank LichtenheldTry to handle binNMUs better (new version format only)
2006-11-12 Frank LichtenheldEscape any & we add in make_search_url
2006-11-12 Frank LichtenheldBetter error message when is missing
2006-11-12 Frank LichtenheldCreate $DBDIR if it doesn't exist
2006-11-12 Frank LichtenheldThe "back from the dark" Commit :)
2006-04-16 Frank LichtenheldMerge AMD64 changes from current code
2006-03-24 Jeroen van... Show debtags if available
2006-03-06 Jeroen van... Skip arch:all for 3rd party repositories that provide...
2006-03-03 Frank LichtenheldThere are no Contents files for udebs. But there are...
2006-03-03 Frank LichtenheldFix some smaller issues reported by Thijs Kinkhorst
2006-03-03 Frank LichtenheldWe welcome to the "multiple keyword...
2006-03-03 Jeroen van... Fix cross-suite links, copy&waste mistake
2006-03-03 Frank LichtenheldSupport multiple keywords
2006-03-03 Frank LichtenheldFix linking to pure virtual packages in dep_list. Linki...
2006-03-03 Frank LichtenheldSmall adjustments
2006-03-03 Jeroen van... Hilight the keyword in contents searches
2006-03-03 Jeroen van... Fix going via the 3 modes of contents search
2006-03-03 Frank Lichtenheld- Fix some issues with non-US handling
2006-03-03 Frank LichtenheldAdd missing comma
2006-03-03 Frank Lichtenheld- Make lookup of download sites completly archive based
2006-03-02 Frank Lichtenheld- Merge in some changes by Joey
2006-03-02 Frank Lichtenheld- Further fixes to the arch handling
2006-03-02 Frank LichtenheldFix some issues in contents search:
2006-03-02 Frank LichtenheldFix error handling of gzclose
2006-03-02 Frank LichtenheldUse new url creating mechanisms
2006-03-01 Frank LichtenheldMake src: urls actually work
2006-02-28 Frank LichtenheldAdd text version of allpackages
2006-02-28 Frank LichtenheldUpdate
2006-02-28 Frank LichtenheldAdd mail stuff from old code
2006-02-28 Frank LichtenheldFix some minor issues
2006-02-28 Frank LichtenheldDon't let come virtual packages in our way
2006-02-28 Frank LichtenheldUpdate
2006-02-28 Frank Lichtenheld* completly overhaul URL generating. Now things like...
2006-02-24 Frank LichtenheldAdd changelogs/ to exclusion list for rewrites
2006-02-24 Frank LichtenheldSort packages listed by pkg_list
2006-02-24 Jeroen van... Make a reminder that fb_suite dealing isn't always...
2006-02-24 Frank Lichtenheldupdate
2006-02-24 Frank LichtenheldSupport multiple archives
2006-02-24 Frank LichtenheldFix download locations for source packages
2006-02-24 Frank LichtenheldSome fixes to archive handling
2006-02-23 Frank LichtenheldFix some minor issues
2006-02-23 Jeroen van... Clarify that some packages are merely *also* a virtual...
2006-02-23 Frank LichtenheldUpdate
2006-02-23 Frank LichtenheldAlso send charset for RSS file
2006-02-23 Frank LichtenheldAdd format parameter (used by DoNewPkg and DoIndex)
2006-02-23 Frank LichtenheldAdd hostname variable
2006-02-23 Frank LichtenheldNow that the archive isn't as important anymore, use...
2006-02-23 Jeroen van... Fix two warnings
2006-02-23 Frank Lichtenheldprovides should be handled exactly like the short desc
2006-02-23 Jeroen van... Make sure also only-virtual packages are listed in...
2006-02-23 Frank LichtenheldPackages, that were both real and virtual were listed...
2006-02-23 Jeroen van... Remove stray </td>
2006-02-23 Frank LichtenheldIt was late
2006-02-23 Frank LichtenheldNow that we have changed the nesting of the loops remov...
2006-02-23 Jeroen van... Put $architecture loop in the inner, and ensure all...
2006-02-23 Jeroen van... Add stuff
2006-02-23 Frank LichtenheldClean-up behind Jeroen :)
2006-02-23 Frank LichtenheldAdd missing "if DEBUG"
2006-02-23 Frank LichtenheldReally adapt these to new archive/suite definitions
2006-02-23 Jeroen van... Add forgotten DEBUG
2006-02-23 Jeroen van... Add a link to the source at the top
2006-02-23 Jeroen van... Simply some stuff due to (suite,arch) now being unique...
2006-02-23 Jeroen van... Retrieve backports & volatile to their own suite
2006-02-23 Jeroen van... Change _small.db layout a bit, to include virtual packa...
2006-02-23 Frank LichtenheldFix an error I introduced in an earlier commit
2006-02-23 Frank LichtenheldTypo in format string
2006-02-23 Frank LichtenheldEliminate the last non-translatable strings
2006-02-23 Frank LichtenheldAdd a note about search_packages compatibility
2006-02-22 Frank LichtenheldDisplay the index pages from within
2006-02-22 Frank LichtenheldRevert the commit that deleted some version-related...
2006-02-22 Frank LichtenheldUups, forgot one use of $debug_allowed
2006-02-22 Frank LichtenheldMove $debug_allowed to CGI as a real constant and modif...
2006-02-22 Jeroen van... Add stuff
2006-02-22 Jeroen van... Move list of files to the end of the table, other entri...
2006-02-22 Jeroen van... Move version info to arch table (only when there are...
2006-02-22 Jeroen van... Show full pathnames in filelist view
2006-02-22 Jeroen van... Show full path (with initial slash)
2006-02-22 Jeroen van... Use _g instead of gettext, the former works, the latter...
2006-02-22 Jeroen van... Inform user about using aptitude/synaptic instead of...
2006-02-22 Frank LichtenheldReplace _() with _g() everywhere. Oddly enough, it...
2006-02-22 Frank LichtenheldRemove a line that only made sense in the context where...
2006-02-22 Frank LichtenheldMisc documentation updates
2006-02-22 Frank LichtenheldAdd basic l10n support.
2006-02-22 Jeroen van... Use fgrep also for description search
2006-02-22 Frank LichtenheldMake a list of pieces that still need to be merged...
2006-02-22 Frank LichtenheldActually update index pages in cronjob