2007-04-15 Frank LichtenheldAdd some more files and directories to .gitignore
2007-04-15 Frank Lichtenheldextract_changelogs: Merge cron job changes from old...
2007-04-15 Frank LichtenheldSupport "changelog:" short links
2007-04-14 Frank LichtenheldProvide backwards compatibility for newpkg pages
2007-04-14 Frank Add some backwards compatibility handling
2007-04-14 Frank Lichtenhelddispatcher: Fix handling of Packages::CGI::http_code...
2007-04-14 Frank LichtenheldAdd general about page and improve footer for static...
2007-04-14 Frank LichtenheldAdd GPL text
2007-04-14 Frank Don't show "special:" debtags
2007-04-14 Frank LichtenheldBackwards compatibility mode for reportbug
2007-04-14 Frank Define fallback suites for oldstable-*
2007-04-14 Frank LichtenheldAdd some .gitignore files
2007-04-14 Frank Lichtenheldmirror.tmpl: Add some more mirrors for volatile
2007-04-14 Frank LichtenheldDescription Search: Move to Xapian
2007-04-13 Frank Lichtenheldsyncarchive_installer: Don't skip oldstable, sarge...
2007-04-12 Frank Lichtenheldsyncarchive: add oldstable backports and volatile
2007-04-12 Frank Lichtenheldstatic: Add a simple index page and use ttree to build...
2007-04-12 Frank Lichtenheldsearch_contents.tmpl: Don't offer a link to the search...
2007-04-12 Frank Lichtenheldarchitectures.tmpl: Change MIPS architecture names
2007-04-12 Frank Lichtenhelddispatcher: Fix HTTP error code for "format not supported"
2007-04-12 Frank Let get_version_string sort architectures...
2007-04-12 Frank Lichtenheldindex.tmpl: Fix two bugs
2007-04-12 Frank Lichtenhelddispatcher: Allow to use 'any' as an architecture name
2007-04-12 Frank Lichtenhelddispatcher: Update suite aliases for etch release
2007-04-12 Frank Lichtenheldsearch.tmpl: Fix two bugs
2007-04-12 Frank Lichtenheldshow.tmpl: Add a 'Source' entry in the navigation bar...
2007-04-12 Frank Lichtenheldcreate_index_pages: Forgot to create directory for...
2007-04-12 Frank Lichtenheldshow.tmpl: Improve VCS-* handling
2007-04-12 Frank Handle complex debtags
2007-04-12 Frank Lichtenheldshow.tmpl: In the experimental nag, link to the changelog
2007-04-12 Frank Lichtenheldshow.tmpl: Add links to DDPO pages for maintainers
2007-04-12 Frank Lichtenheldtemplates: Define missing pts_url
2007-04-12 Frank Lichtenheldnon-US: don't download anymore
2007-04-12 Frank Lichtenheldcron.d: Use git instead of svn
2007-04-12 Frank Lichtenheldkfreebsd: Enable again
2007-04-12 Frank Lichtenheldprepare_newpkg: Also create a list of source package...
2007-04-12 Frank LichtenheldDoShow: Add Pre-Depends to dependency output
2007-04-12 Frank Lichtenheldvcs information: Improve HTML output
2007-04-12 Frank Lichtenhelddebtags: Make HTML output more pretty
2007-04-12 Frank Lichtenheldapache.conf: Add some more "no rewrite" patterns
2007-04-12 Frank Lichtenheldcron.d: Disable some scripts for the time beeing
2007-04-12 Frank Update list of architectures
2007-04-09 Frank Lichtenhelds/stable/oldstable/
2007-04-09 Frank LichtenheldAlso download Release(.gpg) for security
2006-12-02 Frank LichtenheldUse the debtags vocabulary to be able to show prettier...
2006-12-02 Frank Lichtenheldstring2id(): Also allow ":.-"
2006-11-28 Frank LichtenheldSome updates to list of supported fields and about...
2006-11-28 Frank LichtenheldAdd a proof-of-concept rfc822 output for search results
2006-11-28 Frank LichtenheldImprove error handling:
2006-11-28 Frank LichtenheldSome misc fixes
2006-11-28 Frank LichtenheldMove a remaining HTML message from to show...
2006-11-28 Frank LichtenheldTry another layout for the "moreinfo" part
2006-11-28 Frank LichtenheldBe more verbose in the suggestion to use apt and explai...
2006-11-28 Frank LichtenheldSome updates to the mirror list
2006-11-28 Frank LichtenheldAdd a missing </a>
2006-11-28 Frank LichtenheldFinally fix the new packages rss feed
2006-11-27 Frank LichtenheldDownload Release and Release.gpg files. We could use...
2006-11-24 Frank LichtenheldExperimental support for url and vcs-*. Not sure if...
2006-11-24 Frank LichtenheldMove more messages from to search.tmpl...
2006-11-24 Frank LichtenheldAlso create source versions for suite_index
2006-11-24 Frank LichtenheldFix the nav bars to make more sense for source pages
2006-11-24 Frank Lichtenheld@TAKE_NEWEST: add url
2006-11-24 Frank LichtenheldMake the Packages::(Src)Page object available to the...
2006-11-24 Frank LichtenheldFix the links to versions of a site in other languages
2006-11-24 Frank LichtenheldAdd a list of fields from Packages/Sources we currently...
2006-11-23 Frank LichtenheldAdd a note about section handling in search_contents
2006-11-23 Frank Lichtenheldmake sure all_architectures is sorted
2006-11-23 Frank LichtenheldAdd facilities to display a site wide message on all...
2006-11-23 Frank LichtenheldFix "search in all architectures" link
2006-11-23 Frank Lichtenheldexperiment a little with the use of JavaScript. Right...
2006-11-23 Frank LichtenheldAdd string2id function that is useful in generating...
2006-11-23 Frank doesn't have all architectures, so bette...
2006-11-22 Frank LichtenheldRemove the _ subroutine. I don't use it anyway and...
2006-11-21 Frank LichtenheldThe Big, the Fat and the Ugly commit ;)
2006-11-21 Frank Lichtenheldfun with module name differences between sarge and...
2006-11-21 Frank LichtenheldUpdate for use with apache2/mod-perl2
2006-11-21 Frank LichtenheldDo some often needed adjustments when setting up a...
2006-11-21 Frank LichtenheldAdd these two images so that we don't have to link to
2006-11-19 Frank Lichtenheldimport 010cvs (renamed to 010svn of course) and 050chec... switch-to-templates
2006-11-12 Frank LichtenheldTry to handle binNMUs better (new version format only)
2006-11-12 Frank LichtenheldEscape any & we add in make_search_url
2006-11-12 Frank LichtenheldBetter error message when is missing
2006-11-12 Frank LichtenheldCreate $DBDIR if it doesn't exist
2006-11-12 Frank LichtenheldThe "back from the dark" Commit :)
2006-04-16 Frank LichtenheldMerge AMD64 changes from current code
2006-03-24 Jeroen van... Show debtags if available
2006-03-06 Jeroen van... Skip arch:all for 3rd party repositories that provide...
2006-03-03 Frank LichtenheldThere are no Contents files for udebs. But there are...
2006-03-03 Frank LichtenheldFix some smaller issues reported by Thijs Kinkhorst
2006-03-03 Frank LichtenheldWe welcome to the "multiple keyword...
2006-03-03 Jeroen van... Fix cross-suite links, copy&waste mistake
2006-03-03 Frank LichtenheldSupport multiple keywords
2006-03-03 Frank LichtenheldFix linking to pure virtual packages in dep_list. Linki...
2006-03-03 Frank LichtenheldSmall adjustments
2006-03-03 Jeroen van... Hilight the keyword in contents searches
2006-03-03 Jeroen van... Fix going via the 3 modes of contents search
2006-03-03 Frank Lichtenheld- Fix some issues with non-US handling
2006-03-03 Frank LichtenheldAdd missing comma
2006-03-03 Frank Lichtenheld- Make lookup of download sites completly archive based
2006-03-02 Frank Lichtenheld- Merge in some changes by Joey