2008-04-23 Frank LichtenheldMake language override URLs more robust
2008-04-23 Frank LichtenheldPackages::Template: Always provide a fallback g() function
2008-04-23 Frank Lichtenheldhtml/suite_index.tmpl: Fix error in variable name
2008-04-22 Frank Lichtenheld050checkinst: Really remove locale checks
2008-04-16 Frank Lichtenheldextract_changelogs: Fix broken current links
2008-04-16 Frank Lichtenheldhtml/download.tmpl: Fix apt sources list hint for ...
2008-04-16 Frank Lichtenheldhtml/head.tmpl: Remove some XHTML that crept in
2008-04-16 Frank LichtenheldUnfuzzy
2008-04-16 Frank LichtenheldUpdate .po and .pot files
2008-04-16 Frank Lichtenheldhtml/show.tmpl: Fix several escaping issues
2008-04-16 Frank LichtenheldMerge commit 'alioth/master'
2008-04-03 Helge KreutzmannFixes noted by Jens Seidel
2008-04-03 Helge KreutzmannUpdate to (567t,0f,115u)
2008-03-23 Simon 11t, 8f, 14u
2008-03-23 Simon PaillardMerge branch 'master' of ssh://spaillar-guest@git.debia...
2008-03-23 Simon 160t, 30f, 28u
2008-03-16 Helge KreutzmannCorrect errors noticed by Jens Seidel, thanks!
2008-03-16 Peter KarlssonUpdated
2008-03-15 Simon PaillardMerge branch 'master' of ssh://spaillar-guest@git.debia...
2008-03-15 Frank Lichtenheldhtml/show.tmpl: Some fixes to the Vcs-* handling
2008-03-14 Frank Lichtenheldhtml/show.tmpl: Escape maintainer mail address in PTS...
2008-03-14 Simon Paillardmerge with recent
2008-03-14 Helge KreutzmannUpdate to (557t,0f,125u)
2008-03-14 Helge KreutzmannUnfuzzy
2008-03-11 Simon 144t, 42f, 31u
2008-03-10 Frans PopDutch translation update
2008-03-10 Frans PopDutch translation update
2008-03-04 Noritada Kobayashipdo.ja.po: Make translations up-to-date.
2008-03-03 Frank LichtenheldUpdate pdo.pot and pdo.*.po
2008-03-03 Frank Lichtenheld[UBUNTU] Packages::DoSearchContents: Don't die when...
2008-02-29 Simon PaillardSome defuzzing
2008-02-29 Simon PaillardMerge branch 'master' of ssh://spaillar-guest@git.debia...
2008-02-28 Simon 10t, 7f, 14u
2008-02-28 Frank Add armel to lenny
2008-02-24 Frank LichtenheldPackages::Config: Add en to DDTP_LANGUAGES as well
2008-02-23 Nick TorisUdpated translation by Yuri Kozlov <kozlov.y@gmail...
2008-02-22 Frank Lichtenheldhtml/show.tmpl: Remove one hardcoded "Debian"
2008-02-21 Frank Lichtenheldconfig.tmpl: Rename homepage to project_homepage
2008-02-21 Frank LichtenheldPackages::Page: Don't support the old Url field anymore
2008-02-21 Frank Lichtenheldparse-contents: Create "all" symlinks relative instead...
2008-02-20 Frank Lichtenheldapache.conf: Issue a correct 404 for /favicon.ico
2008-02-20 Frank Lichtenheldapache.conf: Increase expire dates for images
2008-02-19 Peter KarlssonUpdated Swedish translation.
2008-02-18 Nick TorisUpdates by Yuri Kozlov <>
2008-02-17 Frank Lichtenheldcreate_index_pages: Open less files simultaniously
2008-02-17 Frank Lichtenheldtemplates.pot: Update
2008-02-17 Frank Lichtenheld[UBUNTU] static/index.tmpl: Add version numbers to...
2008-02-17 Frank Lichtenheldstatic/index.tmpl: Fix wrong link to newpkg site
2008-02-17 Noritada Kobayashihtml/search.tmpl: Fix a typo in a message.
2008-02-17 Noritada Kobayashitemplates.ja.po: Improve a bit.
2008-02-17 Noritada Kobayashitemplates.ja.po: Make translations up-to-date.
2008-02-16 Frank Lichtenheld[UBUNTU] Add mailing lists archive urls for lists.ubunt...
2008-02-16 Frank LichtenheldPackages::DoIndex: No translated allpackages.*.txt...
2008-02-16 Frank Lichtenheldindex_pages: Optimise find call by using -maxdepth
2008-02-16 Frank Lichtenheld300maintainerdb: Don't enable by default
2008-02-15 Helge KreutzmannFixed several typos noted by Jens Seidel, thanks!
2008-02-14 Frank LichtenheldINSTALL: Improve documentation
2008-02-14 Helge KreutzmannUpdate to (543t0f139u)
2008-02-11 Nick TorisUpdated translation by Yuri Kozlov <kozlov.y@gmail...
2008-02-09 Frank LichtenheldPackages::CommonCode::activate(): Die on error
2008-02-09 Frank Lichtenheldtrivial_slice: Try to rename the right file
2008-02-09 Frank LichtenheldPackages::Dispatcher: Don't issue bogus 406 errors...
2008-02-09 Frank Lichtenheldtrivial_slice: Use .new as suffix for created files...
2008-02-09 Frank Lichtenheldcreate_index_pages: Fix slices output
2008-02-09 Frank Lichtenheld900index_pages: Make call to trivial_slice more robust
2008-02-09 Frank Lichtenheldcreate_index_pages: Avoid needless slices due to unused...
2008-02-08 Frank LichtenheldUpdate .po and .pot files
2008-02-08 Frank LichtenheldComplete rewrite of create_index_pages
2008-02-07 Frank LichtenheldSplit the creation of the suite index pages out of...
2008-02-07 Frank Lichtenheldarmel is now an official architecture
2008-02-06 Frank LichtenheldDon't hardcode in sitewidemsg
2008-02-06 Frank Lichtenheldupdate_po: Output some useful statistics about the...
2008-02-06 Frank Lichtenheldupdate_po: Fix reference to renamed ->
2008-02-05 Frank LichtenheldSeparate handling of po translations and DDTP translations
2008-02-05 Frank Lichtenheldhtml/ rename to html/
2008-02-05 Frank LichtenheldPackages::DoShow: Remove unused parameter 'lang' from...
2008-02-05 Frank Lichtenheldapache.conf: Some more URIs need to be handled dynamically
2008-02-04 Helge KreutzmannUpdate to 218t0f0u
2008-02-01 Frank LichtenheldUpdate .po and .pot files
2008-02-01 Frank Lichtenheldsyncarchive_installer: Don't assume there are no udebs...
2008-02-01 Frank Lichtenheldparse-sources: Merge suffix db generation changes from...
2008-02-01 Frank LichtenheldVarious improvements to the search result comments
2008-02-01 Frank LichtenheldImprove result sampling in case we have too generic...
2008-01-22 Karl FogelChange romanization of 中文 from Zhongzu to the correct...
2008-01-22 Peter KarlssonSwedish updates.
2008-01-22 Noritada Kobayashitemplates.ja.po: Make translations up-to-date.
2008-01-21 Frank LichtenheldUpdate .pot and .po files
2008-01-21 Noritada Kobayashihtml/search.tmpl: Fix a bug that some strings are not...
2008-01-18 Noritada Kobayashitemplates.ja.po: Make corrections and improvements.
2008-01-18 Noritada Kobayashitemplates.ja.po: Make translations up-to-date.
2008-01-18 Frank LichtenheldUpdate .pot and .po files
2008-01-18 Frank LichtenheldFix l10n support for javascript generated text
2008-01-17 Frédéric BothamyFix javascript code for long packages list
2008-01-04 Thijs Kinkhorstfix two typos, and unfuzzy some strings while we're...
2007-12-16 Denis V. SirotkinUpdates by "Yuri Kozlov" <>
2007-12-16 Frans some corrections to previous update...
2007-12-16 Helge KreutzmannUpdate to 527t0f155u
2007-12-16 Helge KreutzmannComplete translation again
2007-12-12 Frank LichtenheldMove index_pages script to end of cron job
2007-12-12 Frank Lichtenheld100syncarchive_maintainers: Replace a hardcoded ftp...