Replace non working volatile mirror with
[deb/packages.git] / templates / config / mirrors.tmpl
2009-01-27 Simon PaillardReplace non working volatile mirror debian.domainmail...
2008-10-24 Frank LichtenheldSome further changes for the archive/section tooltips
2008-10-24 Paul WiseShow tooltips for non-main sections and non-main archives
2008-10-03 Frank LichtenheldRemove support for the sarge amd64 archive
2008-02-29 Simon PaillardMerge branch 'master' of ssh://spaillar-guest@git.debia...
2008-02-07 Frank Lichtenheldarmel is now an official architecture
2007-12-09 Guillem JoverSwitch from to
2007-10-14 Frank LichtenheldMerge commit 'alioth/master'
2007-10-13 Frank LichtenheldMake config templates translatable
2007-09-14 Frank Lichtenheldconfig/mirrors.tmpl: Add mirror_list URLs for amd64...
2007-09-14 Frank Lichtenheldconfig/mirrors.tmpl: Mirror list maintainance
2007-09-08 Frank LichtenheldRemove non-US support
2007-09-08 Frank Lichtenheldconfig/mirrors.tmpl: Merge from CVS: remove some non...
2007-06-02 Frank Lichtenheldtemplates/html/download.tmpl: Fix message displayed...
2007-06-01 Frank LichtenheldAdd armel as architecture and rename kfreebsd archive...
2007-04-14 Frank Lichtenheldmirror.tmpl: Add some more mirrors for volatile
2006-11-28 Frank LichtenheldSome updates to the mirror list
2006-11-21 Frank LichtenheldThe Big, the Fat and the Ugly commit ;)