parse-translations: new script to parse the Translation files
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2007-06-17 Frank Lichtenheldparse-translations: new script to parse the Translation...
2006-11-21 Frank LichtenheldThe Big, the Fat and the Ugly commit ;)
2006-11-12 Frank LichtenheldBetter error message when is missing
2006-02-23 Frank LichtenheldAdd hostname variable
2006-02-22 Frank LichtenheldMove $debug_allowed to CGI as a real constant and modif...
2006-02-22 Frank LichtenheldAdd basic l10n support.
2006-02-21 Frank Lichtenheldremove $SEARCH_CGI since it is always identical with...
2006-02-05 Frank Lichtenheld* Move coniguratio stuf to own module