Comment clean-up: Remove $Id$, fix FSF address, copyright years
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2007-09-11 Frank LichtenheldComment clean-up: Remove $Id$, fix FSF address, copyrig...
2007-09-11 Frank LichtenheldDeb::Versions: Fix a bug introduces by ~ handling
2007-09-02 Frank LichtenheldDeb::Versions: Update list of Debian and Ubuntu releases
2007-06-02 Frank LichtenheldAdd etch-m68k
2007-06-02 Frank LichtenheldDeb/ Fix handling of ~ vs. empty string
2006-02-06 Frank LichtenheldCreate index pages
2006-02-05 Frank Lichtenheld* Move coniguratio stuf to own module
2006-02-04 Frank LichtenheldA minimal working version of (essential...
2006-02-01 Frank LichtenheldInclude some stuff from the old pages we will need...