Make it more obvious what are static strings and what are parameters
[deb/packages.git] / TODO
2006-02-13 Jeroen van WolffelaarClarify where virtual stuff goes wrong
2006-02-10 Jeroen van WolffelaarAdd note about wrong assumption that a package is eithe...
2006-02-07 Jeroen van WolffelaarNote about archive/suite, note bug in amd64/security
2006-02-07 Jeroen van WolffelaarMake a note about order in _small.db
2006-02-03 Frank LichtenheldUpdate
2006-02-02 Jeroen van WolffelaarSome random idea's and thoughts
2006-02-02 Jeroen van WolffelaarSome general checklist notes
2006-02-02 Jeroen van WolffelaarFirst version of TODO listing items to think about