2007-03-14 maksadd maks.png nonstandard hackergotchi
2007-03-14 frankieReadded my feed
2007-03-14 msameeradd M. Sameer
2007-03-10 benhedit Ben Hutchings - change to new blog
2007-03-10 rfrancoiseAdd Romain Francoise.
2007-03-06 emaema's blog url updated
2007-03-05 nobseYet another link update...
2007-03-04 nobseNew url
2007-02-27 anaAdd Sune Vuorela's blog
2007-02-27 anaAdd Sune Vuorela hackergotchi
2007-02-26 formorerAdd Michael Prokop
2007-02-26 makoadded Julien Valroff
2007-02-20 tolimaredit Meike Reichle
2007-02-20 nobsereadded Nico Golde
2007-02-18 formorerReenable formorer
2007-02-18 formorerTemporary disable formorer
2007-02-17 formorerupdated ij
2007-02-17 kyle<kyle> i hate blogs
2007-02-09 makoadded Alastair McKinstry
2007-02-08 neilmadding Pete Nuttall
2007-02-07 adsadd Andrew Stribblehill
2007-02-07 formorerRemoved alphascorpi
2007-02-07 jordiAs much as I enjoy the HYPNOGARRETT, revert back to...
2007-02-06 schizore-add academic cat for biella
2007-02-05 awmAdd Andrew McMillan.
2007-02-05 awmAdded hackergotchi for Andrew McMillan <awm@debian...
2007-02-03 makoadded Kartik Mistry
2007-01-31 madducksmalelr shadow on fluffy madduck
2007-01-31 madduckmadduck turns fluffy
2007-01-31 madduckmadduck is the devil
2007-01-31 madduckadding madduck as devil
2007-01-29 madduckanother dimension update for pixie
2007-01-29 madduckcorrected dimensions for pixie
2007-01-29 madduckadding pixie
2007-01-28 madduckadded pixie's hackergotchi
2007-01-28 madduckadded pixie
2007-01-27 madduckdisabled pixie for now at her own request
2007-01-27 madduckadded pixie
2007-01-24 venthuradd bastian venthur
2007-01-24 venthuradd Bastian Venthur
2007-01-19 schizofix thinko in biella's feed
2007-01-19 makoupdated feed information for Biella Coleman
2007-01-18 robot101add Robert McQueen hackergotchi
2007-01-18 robot101add/change Robert McQueen
2007-01-13 tolimarReally fixing size of Meike Reichles hackergotchi
2007-01-12 tolimarFixing size of Meike Reichles hackergotchi
2007-01-12 tolimarchange hackergotchi Meike Reichle
2007-01-11 jtarrioUpload a 95x95 hackergotchi to avoid blocky rendering...
2007-01-11 jtarrioFix typo that made Miriam's face the wrong height
2007-01-11 jsogoChange Miraim's hackergotchi head sie ;-)
2007-01-11 jsogoadding Miriam Ruiz
2007-01-11 jsogoadd Miriam Ruiz
2007-01-06 anas/eddy/eddyp/
2007-01-06 anaAdd Eddy Petrisor hackergotchi
2007-01-06 anaFixing alphabetic order
2007-01-06 anaAdding Eddy Petrisor, NM and romanian translator
2006-12-14 danielUpdate Jan Wagner hackergotchi
2006-12-14 danielAdded Jan Wagner hackergotchi
2006-12-13 danielUpdated Jan Wagner
2006-12-13 danielAdded Jan Wagner
2006-12-13 giskardadd/edit/remove Your Name
2006-12-13 pkernRemove Philipp Kern (myself)
2006-12-10 srivastaManoj Srivastava's feed has changed.
2006-12-09 mltedit LucianoBello hackergotchi
2006-12-09 mltchange Luciano Bello
2006-12-09 claviolaA new URL for my feed (claviola)
2006-12-08 danielrenamed my hackergotchi to match login name
2006-12-07 makoface information for Mario Iseli
2006-12-07 makoadded face for Mario Iseli
2006-12-06 makoadded Maximilian Attems
2006-12-06 makofixed face add for Nacho
2006-12-06 makochanged face for Biella Coleman
2006-12-06 makochanged size of face for Biella Coleman
2006-12-04 madcoderadd corsac's hackergotchi
2006-12-04 madcoderadd a the XFCE hippie to planet
2006-11-17 rfrancoiseRemove Romain Francoise
2006-11-17 damogFixing shapes.
2006-11-17 damogLong hair is back.
2006-11-09 isaacUse png instead of jpg for jesus climent
2006-11-09 isaacAdd png file
2006-11-09 isaacFix width and height for jesus climent's hackergotchi
2006-11-09 isaacChange hackergotchi for Jesus Climent
2006-11-09 isaacAdd new Jesus Climent's hackergotchi
2006-11-05 jsogoA new URL for my feed (jsogo)
2006-11-04 damogCorrect hackergotchi.
2006-11-04 damogModified hackergotchi.
2006-11-04 tolimaredit Meike Reichles hackergotchi
2006-11-04 tolimaradding Meike Reichles new hackergotchi
2006-11-04 tolimarremoving old hackergotchi for Meike Reichle
2006-11-04 jamuraaGroundhog Day (aka Brewsters Millions) fell off the...
2006-11-04 avdykavdyk new blog location
2006-11-04 avdykavdyk new blog location
2006-11-03 djpigmy blog moved from Livejournal to
2006-10-30 fsAdded Maximilian Attems
2006-10-30 ariRemove Ari Pollak's hackergotchi
2006-10-30 ariRemove Ari Pollak
2006-10-30 cmotcmot: arrgh! png, not jpg
2006-10-29 cmotfeed: cmot
2006-10-29 cmothackergotchi: cmot
2006-10-29 cateadd Giacomo Catenazzi