2010-05-30 gaudenzadd Thibaut Girka (GSoC student I'm mentoring)
2010-05-25 gwolfLook to the other side
2010-05-24 gwolfUpdated Gunnar Wolf's hackergotchi
2010-05-22 rbrito-guestAdd Rogério Brito
2010-05-19 acidedit Julien Danjou
2010-05-19 bzedSwitch to atom feed.
2010-05-12 jordiUnfuck r1270
2010-05-11 mezEdit Mez's Head
2010-05-11 mezEdit Mez's Head
2010-05-11 kalfaadd Cosimo Alfarano feed
2010-05-10 iuculanoadd Giuseppe Iuculano
2010-05-07 mehdiAdd Mehdi
2010-05-07 mehdiAdd mehdi
2010-05-05 rrsedit Ritesh Raj Sarraf - rrs hackergotchi
2010-05-05 rrsedit Ritesh Raj Sarraf - rrs hackergotchi
2010-05-05 rrsadd Ritesh Raj Sarraf - rrs
2010-05-05 rrsupdate Ritesh Raj Sarraf - rrs
2010-05-04 rrsadd Ritesh Raj Sarraf - rrs
2010-04-30 makoremoved Matt Brubeck
2010-04-28 rdonaldremove Randall Donald
2010-04-23 mezedit Martin Meredith
2010-04-22 formorerReenable my blog
2010-04-20 jordiRestore Brandon Holtsclaw's feed using a non-hijacked...
2010-04-20 jordiRemove Benjamin Drieu, by request.
2010-04-20 jordiReenable mdz's feed.
2010-04-15 holgeradd Petter Reinholdtsen
2010-04-06 sylvestreadd Sylvestre Ledru
2010-03-28 gregoaJonathan Yu: change feed URL
2010-03-25 ddumont-guestAdd Dominique Dumont
2010-03-24 thkoch-guestadded Thomas Koch
2010-03-24 thkoch-guestadded picture for thomas koch
2010-03-24 pabsAdd Benjamin Drung of the Debian Orbital Alignment...
2010-03-23 rfrancoiseRemove myself.
2010-03-20 aleriosfixed Alejandro Rios
2010-03-20 aleriosadded Alejandro Rios
2010-03-20 aleriosadded Alejandro Rios
2010-03-19 christophMove from Atom to RSS feed as the former seems to not...
2010-03-06 ctayloredit Chris Taylor
2010-03-01 thijsdisable Thijs Kinkhorst while blog maintenance
2010-02-20 olberger-guestChanging my debian -> debian-en tag
2010-02-17 spaillardFix broken r1237 commit
2010-02-17 mhattaedit Masayuki Hatta
2010-02-15 holgerdisabled by h01ger because 'Healthy Menu for Slim with...
2010-02-15 keithpAdd keithp
2010-02-15 keithpAdd keithp hackergotchi
2010-02-09 pabsBrandon Holtsclaw's blog seems to be a spam site
2010-02-05 tgAdd some kind of avatar for Thorsten Glaser to serve...
2010-02-02 marcotadd Marco Tulio Gontijo e Silva
2010-02-01 marcotadd Marco Tulio Gontijo e Silva (with hackergotchi)
2010-01-30 rainct-guestFix my feed URL (Siegfried Gevatter).
2010-01-29 rainct-guestAdd Siegfried Gevatter.
2010-01-27 glandiumedit Mike Hommey
2010-01-23 eanAdding myself (Ean Schuessler) to the planet feed.
2010-01-23 eanAdding myself (Ean Schuessler) to the Debian Planet...
2010-01-21 jordiRemove Mike O'Connor per request.
2010-01-21 agxAdd Guido Günther
2010-01-11 thepadd Theppitak Karoonboonyanan
2010-01-01 rmhUpdate rmh.png
2009-12-31 haasChristoph Haas's (haas) blog temporarily disabled
2009-12-30 dapalUpdating my website's RSS
2009-12-29 csmallEdited Craig Small
2009-12-28 gregoaupdate hackergotchi for gregor herrmann
2009-12-27 andupdated hackergotchi's name to match my DD account
2009-12-27 andupdated hackergotchi's name to match my DD account
2009-12-27 andUpdated Andrea Veri's feed's URL
2009-12-27 schoenfeldAdd Thorsten Glaser
2009-12-10 wouterRevert, that didn't seem to do the trick
2009-12-10 anaAdd filtered feed from Debian news
2009-12-04 wouterTry the "regular" RSS file
2009-11-29 torstenAdd Torsten Landschoff (blog + hackergotchi).
2009-11-29 torstenAdd Torsten Landschoff hackergotchi.
2009-11-29 damogbetter feed for my blog
2009-11-26 jossReplace bad hackergotchi by my avatar.
2009-11-24 rmayorgaAdding William Vera, hi is on the NM queue
2009-11-23 vinceadd Vincent Sanders
2009-11-23 benceredit Jorge Salamero Sanz (bencer)
2009-11-10 madduckremove mdz
2009-11-10 lambyCorrect URL for Tim Retout
2009-11-09 bradsmithAdd Bradley Smith
2009-11-09 lambyAdd Tim Retout
2009-10-29 jimmyUpdated DebConf team hackergotchi config
2009-10-29 jimmyAdded DebConf10 hackergotchi
2009-10-12 ghostbarterrible my copy&paste of uri's
2009-10-12 ghostbarfixing the acute on my name
2009-10-12 ghostbarAdding me to planet-es
2009-10-06 michaAdd Micha Lenk
2009-10-03 awmEdit Andrew McMillan url
2009-09-30 pkernremove Philipp Kern
2009-09-26 mauroadding myself to p.d.o too
2009-09-23 jmtdremove width/height from jmtd (superfluous, OOD)
2009-09-23 jmtdscale down jmtd.png to 80%
2009-09-23 jmtdupdate my feed info + add hackergotchi
2009-09-23 jmtdnew hackergotchi: jmtd
2009-09-16 skx Updated feed for Steve Kemp
2009-09-14 micahfix alphabetization and add Ryan Niebur
2009-09-10 vortex-guestadd Chris Taylor
2009-09-08 evgeniadd Christoph Egger
2009-09-04 zakame-guestedit zakame's feed
2009-09-04 macanadd Eduardo Marcel Macan
2009-09-02 olberger-guestAdding Olivier Berger (Debian Maintainer)