2006-01-22 morayfix colour balance
2006-01-22 ericFix Eric Dorland's feed for rename. Hopefully won't...
2006-01-22 makoupdated Michael Gea
2006-01-22 makoremoved thomas hood as per his request
2006-01-22 makodisabled fenlo for flodding and screwiness
2006-01-21 dannfnew image, new size
2006-01-21 dannfadd shadow
2006-01-20 dannfcapitalize my name for sort order
2006-01-20 dannfadd my tech feed
2006-01-20 dannfadd dannf
2006-01-20 joshkmight as well
2006-01-20 morayupdate face size for moray
2006-01-20 moraycrop image
2006-01-20 morayupdate moray hackergotchi
2006-01-16 abiadd Michael Ablassmeier
2006-01-15 madcoderfix my feed address
2006-01-15 nomeataFinally hopefully fixing my blog
2006-01-15 mdchange Marco d'Itri
2006-01-15 hormsHorms -> in
2006-01-14 damogAdded Jose Parrella
2006-01-14 damogadd Jose Parrella
2006-01-14 hormsHorms -> out
2006-01-14 hormsHorms -> in
2006-01-14 hormsHorms -> out
2006-01-14 hormsHorms -> in
2006-01-13 rkrishnanremoved my RSS feed (Ramakrishnan Muthukrishnan) from...
2006-01-11 damogFixing shape
2006-01-11 damogDrop shadow
2006-01-11 damogNicer pic.
2006-01-11 damogA new nice face :)
2006-01-11 robsterRe-enabling my blog.
2006-01-08 makoUpdated feed informatino for Martin-Eric Racine
2006-01-03 cjwatsonchange Colin Watson: vacillate back to using all categories
2006-01-03 cjwatsonchange Colin Watson: restrict to debian category for now
2006-01-03 cjwatsonadd Colin Watson
2006-01-03 makoChanged face information for Randall Donald
2006-01-03 makoChanged head for rdonald
2006-01-02 alfieAdded Daniel Baumann's hackergotchi
2006-01-02 alfiepanthera's head
2005-12-31 myonadding Daniel Baumann (panthera)
2005-12-28 broonieMay as well use the atom feed
2005-12-28 broonieAdd me back to planet
2005-12-27 ericedit Eric Dorland, add hackergotchi
2005-12-27 ericadd Eric Dorland hackergotchi
2005-12-27 ericadd Eric Dorland's blog
2005-12-26 andresshchange andressh-Andres Seco Hernandez
2005-12-25 andresshadd andressh-Andres Seco Hernandez
2005-12-25 andresshadd andressh-Andres Seco Hernandez
2005-12-24 makoUpdated head information Josselin Mouette
2005-12-24 makoNew hackergotchi for Josselin Mouette
2005-12-23 zobelchaning zobel. restricting to only syndicate debian...
2005-12-17 isaacAdd Holger Levsen to planet
2005-12-17 isaacAdd Holger head
2005-12-16 formorerAdded ij
2005-12-12 sjrAdapt face dimensions for sjr
2005-12-12 sjrThanks to Amaya, I am now colorful and unshaven
2005-12-07 lolandoRoland Mas: category 'geek' renamed to 'geek-en'
2005-12-04 sjrAdd Simon Richter
2005-12-04 sjrAdded ugly hackergotchi for self
2005-11-30 isaacAdd Enrico Zini to planet
2005-11-27 adeodatoUpdate hackergotchi for dato in config.ini.
2005-11-27 adeodatoNew hackergotchi for dato.
2005-11-25 makoremoved Sebastian Bacher at his request
2005-11-23 ajkre-enable (new URI) Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho
2005-11-23 ajkcomment out Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho
2005-11-18 acidadd jdanjou head
2005-11-18 acidadded Julien Danjou head
2005-11-16 tviehmannadd Thomas Viehmann
2005-11-16 hormsRemove horms again, I'm still not sure it doesn't break...
2005-11-16 hormsadd Horms (hopefully it doesn't break planet this time)
2005-11-15 davidwadd David Welton
2005-11-12 akumria- remove Anand Kumria, planet does not support atom 1.0
2005-11-12 makoadded hackergotchi for Per-Arne Hellarvik
2005-11-12 makoadded head for Per-Arne Hellarvik
2005-11-12 makoupdated hackergotchi info for Michael Banck
2005-11-12 makochanged Michael Banck
2005-11-12 akumriaAdd Anand Kumria, apparently Planet does support Atom...
2005-11-11 zugschlusremove zugschlus' blog on popular request
2005-11-10 joshkdoh
2005-11-09 joshkdone
2005-11-07 sho * switched back to rss20 until planet supports atom10
2005-11-03 raduadd Radu Spineanu
2005-11-02 doogieAdded my face.
2005-11-02 doogieAdded me, Adam Heath.
2005-10-31 makoadd Miguel Gea
2005-10-28 sho * changed sam's feed from RSS to Atom
2005-10-26 jamuraaedit Michael Janssen
2005-10-25 damogAdded NM, Matt Brown
2005-10-25 damogAdding NM, Matt Brown
2005-10-23 schizochange christine's feed, per christine
2005-10-22 rottyURL typo corrected
2005-10-22 rottyURL typo corrected
2005-10-21 rottySwitched to wordpress
2005-10-21 broonieRemove my LJ
2005-10-17 ultrotterAdd Guido Trotter's feed and hackergotchi
2005-10-17 ultrotteradd Guido Trotter
2005-10-11 kovnew head has new dimensions
2005-10-11 kovnew head for me
2005-10-11 sho * updated sam's feed info
2005-09-30 makoreenabled Martin Krafft with removed cache