2006-11-04 damogCorrect hackergotchi.
2006-11-04 damogModified hackergotchi.
2006-11-04 tolimaredit Meike Reichles hackergotchi
2006-11-04 tolimaradding Meike Reichles new hackergotchi
2006-11-04 tolimarremoving old hackergotchi for Meike Reichle
2006-11-04 jamuraaGroundhog Day (aka Brewsters Millions) fell off the...
2006-11-04 avdykavdyk new blog location
2006-11-04 avdykavdyk new blog location
2006-11-03 djpigmy blog moved from Livejournal to
2006-10-30 fsAdded Maximilian Attems
2006-10-30 ariRemove Ari Pollak's hackergotchi
2006-10-30 ariRemove Ari Pollak
2006-10-30 cmotcmot: arrgh! png, not jpg
2006-10-29 cmotfeed: cmot
2006-10-29 cmothackergotchi: cmot
2006-10-29 cateadd Giacomo Catenazzi
2006-10-27 svenAdd face for Sven Mueller (sven)
2006-10-27 svenAdd Sven Mueller (sven)
2006-10-25 svenUpdate Sven Mueller (URL change)
2006-10-25 svenAdd Sven Mueller
2006-10-24 thijsedit Thijs Kinkhorst
2006-10-24 thijsedit Thijs Kinkhorst (need to have transparency; make...
2006-10-24 thijsadd Thijs Kinkhorst hackergotchi
2006-10-24 thijsadd Thijs Kinkhorst
2006-10-18 neilmRemove the bloody scotsman thing
2006-10-13 erichremove debtags-ai SoC projec again
2006-10-10 makore-adding Scott James Remnant
2006-10-05 thijsadd Thijs Kinkhorst
2006-10-01 enricoBlog the right feed from blog
2006-10-01 enricoFixed entry for flog's blog
2006-09-27 makoremoving Scott James Remnant
2006-09-26 rafledit Florian Ragwitz
2006-09-26 rafledit Florian Ragwitz
2006-09-22 93samUpdated Keybuk's RSS URL
2006-09-22 madduckadded more of biellas blog at her request
2006-09-20 rvbremoving myself from Planet Debian, as my domain is...
2006-09-20 zackadd Stefano Zacchiroli
2006-09-18 makoadded Nacho Barrientos Arias
2006-09-18 makoadded face for Nacho Barrientos Arias
2006-09-18 makodeactivated broken feed
2006-09-18 zobelreplacing my image
2006-09-17 zobelAdding NM Jorge Salamero Sanz
2006-09-17 zobeladding NM bencer
2006-09-15 ametzlerAndreas Metzler, try rss instead of atom. New planet...
2006-09-14 jordiChange Paul van Tilburg's feed url per request.
2006-09-11 ametzlerRe-add Andreas Metzler, using new domain
2006-09-10 ametzlerDisable Andreas Metzler, domain was lost
2006-09-08 vorlonI'm Brian of Nazareth, and so's my hackergotchi
2006-09-08 vorlonRoly poly fish heads
2006-09-08 vorlonabandon shi^Wadvogato
2006-09-06 makofixed Goneri Le Bouder's name finally
2006-09-04 makoadded David Watson
2006-09-04 makoadded head for David Watson
2006-09-04 makoadded Paul Wise
2006-09-04 enricoAdded blog for Petr Rockai (mornfall)
2006-09-04 zugschlustry URL escapes in zugschlus feed URL
2006-09-04 zugschlustry escaping the brackets in Zugschlus' feed URL
2006-09-04 andreasfixed feed for Andreas Schuldei
2006-09-04 makoone new item can show up
2006-09-04 makodisabled several blogs due to internal server errors
2006-09-04 makodisable new posts in new feeds in prep of planet versio...
2006-09-04 makodisabled several feeds for 404 issues
2006-09-03 vorlonBrewster's Millions != Groundhog Day; please fix your...
2006-09-03 zugschluschange rss feed URL for zugschlus
2006-09-02 makofixed Goneri Le Bouder's name
2006-09-01 rdonaldedit Randall Donald
2006-08-31 adeodatono cookie today.
2006-08-30 makoadded Gonéri Le Boude
2006-08-30 makocommited head for Goneri Le Bouder
2006-08-29 broonieAdd Jon Dowland
2006-08-29 philhedit Philip Hands
2006-08-29 philhadd Philip Hands
2006-08-29 gwolfAdded Rodrigo Gallardo's hackergotchi information
2006-08-29 gwolfRodrigo Gallardo's hackergotchi
2006-08-29 gwolfAdded Rodrigo Gallardo
2006-08-25 prudhommedit Christophe Prud'homme
2006-08-25 prudhommupdate
2006-08-25 prudhommupdate
2006-08-25 prudhommadd Christophe Prud'homme
2006-08-25 prudhommadd christophe Prud'homme
2006-08-24 mltadd Marcela Tiznado
2006-08-24 philhadd Phil Hands
2006-08-23 noodlesadd Jonathan McDowell hackergotchi
2006-08-23 noodlesadd Jonathan McDowell
2006-08-22 waldiAdd Bastian Blank
2006-08-16 makoadded Mario Iseli
2006-08-14 makoadding Russel Coker
2006-08-10 makoadded Lucas Nussbaum to planet
2006-08-10 makoadding head for Lucas Nussbaum
2006-08-09 stoEdited Sergio Talens-Oliag subscription
2006-08-06 danAdd Daniel Jacobowitz
2006-08-05 enricoFixed RSS link to Enrico Zini's blog
2006-08-04 joergaba has the wrong opinion
2006-08-04 abaremoving non-personal blogs: DebianTimes, DebConf6
2006-08-03 abaadded DebianTimes
2006-08-02 lolandoNew blog engine for lolando, new feed URL
2006-08-01 ametzlerUpdate ametzler blog URL
2006-07-31 robsterChanged the URL for my feed.
2006-07-31 makore-enabled Enrico Zini's feed
2006-07-31 makodisabled Enrico Zini's blog temporarily