2005-05-04 makoread brandens log comment and will let him add the...
2005-05-04 makoadded branden face. you are not really dpl without...
2005-05-04 brandenAdd comment requesting third parties to not add a hacke...
2005-05-03 kovnew hackergotchi with different size
2005-05-03 kovchanging my hackergotchi for the new one
2005-05-03 brandenAdd feed for Branden Robinson.
2005-05-03 keybukadd mako's address
2005-05-03 keybukchange owner to mako
2005-05-02 ttroxelledit Todd Troxell feed url
2005-05-02 nobseadd comment
2005-05-02 srivastaUnyanked feeds
2005-05-02 nobsereadded Ians blog
2005-05-02 avdykremoved myself in solidarity with Ian Murdock removal
2005-05-01 schizoadd clint
2005-04-29 keybukremove imurdock, from many complaints
2005-04-29 formorerChanged feed adress
2005-04-28 claviolaedit Carlos Laviola hackergotchi
2005-04-28 claviolachange/Carlos Laviola
2005-04-27 formorerUpdates blog path
2005-04-26 jgoerzenUpdated url for Dan Weber
2005-04-24 dnusinowchange dnusinow hackergotchi
2005-04-24 rottyadded Andreas Rottmann
2005-04-24 rottyadded Andreas Rottmann
2005-04-23 avdykreverted my image
2005-04-22 aigariusedit Aigars Mahinovs hackergotchi settings
2005-04-22 aigariusupdate Aigars Mahinovs head
2005-04-22 aigariusupdate Aigars Mahinovs head
2005-04-22 aigariusadd Aigars Mahinovs
2005-04-22 aigariusAdd Aigars Mahinovs head
2005-04-20 jeroenModify Barry Hawkins -- Added head
2005-04-20 jeroenAdded head of Barry Hawkins
2005-04-19 jeroenModify Barry Hawkins (debian-java) -- debian-specific...
2005-04-19 jeroenAdd Barry Hawkins
2005-04-11 sfllawCorrect typo.
2005-04-11 sfllawHeight and width for slaw.png
2005-04-11 sfllawDrop shadow on slaw.png
2005-04-11 sfllawReinstate Simon Law to Planet Debian with a new feed...
2005-04-11 sfllawNew hackergotchi for Simon Law.
2005-04-10 broonieAdd iDunno (xmms-scrobbler maintainer).
2005-04-09 nobsesize changed for Nicos hackergotchi
2005-04-09 nobseupdated Nicos hackergotchi
2005-04-09 formorerAdded Mirco Bauer
2005-04-08 bladeadd Eduard Bloch w/ hackergotchi
2005-04-08 bladeadd Eduard Bloch
2005-04-05 keybukrecommit heads
2005-04-05 keybukrestore latest config, old cvs trashed
2005-03-15 skx Removed skx.jpg
2005-01-17 skxadd Steve Kemp [skx]
2004-10-18 joshkchange my hackergotchi
2004-10-06 keybukprimitive locking
2004-10-06 keybukmove the log if a new one exists
2004-09-27 keybukremove the Planetarium ... it's getting too big
2004-07-28 keybukstuff for cron
2004-07-28 keybukdebian template
2004-07-28 keybukcommit statis content
2004-07-28 keybukAdd heads
2004-07-28 keybukinitial checkin
2004-07-28 (no author)New repository initialized by cvs2svn.