2005-07-25 makoReenabling Martin Krafft's blog.
2005-07-24 madduckremove madduck
2005-07-24 madduckadd madduck
2005-07-24 madduckremove madduck
2005-07-24 decklinre-adding (a newer version of) my head.
2005-07-24 decklinnarrow my feed to the debian category only
2005-07-24 madduckadd madduck
2005-07-24 madduckedit madduck hackergotchi
2005-07-24 madduckremove madduck
2005-07-23 ametzleradd Zak B. Elep
2005-07-22 adeodatoUse my new hackergotchi.
2005-07-22 adeodatoAdd new hackergotchi for me.
2005-07-22 pkernChanged nion's RSS URL
2005-07-21 igenibeledit Igor Genibel
2005-07-21 madduckedit madduck: revert to rss1 until mako can help
2005-07-21 madduckedit madduck: update to rss2
2005-07-20 madduckadded jdthood
2005-07-20 jordiAdd Meike's hackergotchi.
2005-07-20 joshkholy shit
2005-07-20 madduckedit madduck: jordi says i should log not just debian
2005-07-20 jordiWelcome, Meike Reichle!
2005-07-19 mechanixMirror gotchi
2005-07-19 zugschlusadd Zugschlus
2005-07-18 mhattaadd Masayuki Hatta hackergotchi
2005-07-18 mhattaadd Masayuki Hatta
2005-07-18 sesseAdd sesse
2005-07-18 benjedit Benjamin Drieu
2005-07-18 jordiDisable horms, remove _rene_ completely on request.
2005-07-17 madduckedit madduck
2005-07-17 hormsadd Horms
2005-07-17 hormsadd Horms
2005-07-17 madduckAdded madduck
2005-07-17 madduckAdd madduck
2005-07-16 sfllawMoved the location of sfllaw's RSS feed.
2005-07-12 dopeyedit matt hope (dopey)
2005-07-11 joshk?
2005-07-11 kyleadd kyle mcmartin (again)
2005-07-10 rmurrayadd my feed.
2005-07-10 jordiAdd StevenK!
2005-07-09 kyleremove kyle mcmartin
2005-07-06 jordiFix jbailey and srbaker; comment out vigu, ivo and...
2005-07-05 adeodatoFix my surname.
2005-07-04 adeodatoTemporarily change the url of my blog.
2005-07-04 keybukhost is back up
2005-07-02 acidkill it for now
2005-07-01 makoupdated Benjamin Mako Hill
2005-07-01 makoupdated hackergotchi Benjamin Mako Hill
2005-06-29 nomeataurl changed
2005-06-29 makochanged damogs information
2005-06-28 schizoadd Christine Spang's hackergotchi
2005-06-28 schizoadd Christine Spang
2005-06-26 heIt looks like Keybuk's feed breaks the planet - deactiv...
2005-06-21 mechanixadd mechanix
2005-06-15 schizoClint is disgusted with RSS problems.
2005-06-15 zacsedit Zac Sprackett
2005-06-14 makochanged face for Ross Burton
2005-06-13 rottyFixed rotty hackergotchi filename
2005-06-11 uweAdd Uwe Hermann. Fixed typos.
2005-06-07 makoremoved accent from Remi's name to work around a planet bug
2005-06-07 vanicatadd Remi Vanicat
2005-06-06 nomeatamy head (nomeata)
2005-06-06 nomeatamy head (nomeata)
2005-06-06 nomeatanew blog: Joachim Breitner
2005-05-28 rfrancoiseAdded feed for Romain Francoise.
2005-05-27 dburrowsTry to figure out WTF my feed broke.
2005-05-24 algernonAdd Gergely Nagy hackergotchi
2005-05-24 algernonadd Gergely Nagy
2005-05-24 algernonchanged Gergely Nagy
2005-05-19 makochanged Benjamin Mako Hill
2005-05-18 mjg59Edit Matthew Garrett's hackergotchi
2005-05-16 headd Marc 'HE' Brockschmidt
2005-05-16 jordiImprove sto's hackergotchi.
2005-05-16 jordiChange sto's hackergotchi file.
2005-05-15 dsilversDisable dsilvers' livejournal because it's pointless now
2005-05-15 bubulleBetter hackergotchi
2005-05-14 bubulleadd Christian Perrier
2005-05-14 rkrishnanChanged URL for Ramakrishnan's blog (pointing to debian...
2005-05-14 avdykavdyk is back
2005-05-12 broonieComment out non-tech feed for broonie for now
2005-05-12 broonie- Change technical blog for broonie.
2005-05-12 joeyhmoved joeyh
2005-05-11 makochange David Moreno Garza
2005-05-11 mjbedit Mike Beattie: change to rss 2.0 feed
2005-05-09 rkrishnanChanging rss feed URL of myself (Ramakrishnan Muthukris...
2005-05-09 jblacheadd Julien Blache hackergotchi
2005-05-09 jblacheadd Julien Blache
2005-05-08 jblacheadd Julien Blache
2005-05-08 dburrowsadd dburrows
2005-05-08 dburrowspre-emptively add dburrows
2005-05-04 makoadd Ian Murdock hackergotchi
2005-05-04 makoadd Ian Murdock
2005-05-04 tbmedit Martin Michlmayr (different hat)
2005-05-04 makoread brandens log comment and will let him add the...
2005-05-04 makoadded branden face. you are not really dpl without...
2005-05-04 brandenAdd comment requesting third parties to not add a hacke...
2005-05-03 kovnew hackergotchi with different size
2005-05-03 kovchanging my hackergotchi for the new one
2005-05-03 brandenAdd feed for Branden Robinson.
2005-05-03 keybukadd mako's address
2005-05-03 keybukchange owner to mako