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2011-05-24 vorlonadd Sam Dunne
2011-05-24 aronAdd Aron Xu <aron>.
2011-05-24 mdzAdd Nathan Handler
2011-05-24 mdzAdd Nathan Handler
2011-05-23 joergcomment out non-working blogs
2011-05-18 bernatadd Vincent Bernat
2011-05-18 hertzogAdd entry for DM Tanguy Ortolo.
2011-05-17 siretartReadd Reinhard Tartler (siretart) again
2011-05-02 nijelChange to include only English posts
2011-04-29 kibiRemove KiBi's head.
2011-04-29 kibiUpdate URL for KiBi's blog.
2011-04-29 vorlonupdate feed URL for newer ikiwiki version
2011-04-23 nachofix my feed
2011-04-17 timoAdd myself.
2011-04-13 meebeyedit Mirco Bauer
2011-04-09 ollyupdate olly with transparent background version
2011-04-09 ollyadd Olly Betts
2011-04-09 ollyadd olly
2011-04-04 madcoderdisable my blog for now
2011-04-02 nthykierAdded Niels Thykier
2011-03-28 vanicatedit Rémi Vanicat
2011-03-25 pkernadd Philipp Kern
2011-03-22 pabsFix logo link
2011-03-21 anafix my feed in planet-es
2011-03-18 holgernew logo for debconf blog
2011-03-11 anaremove news.d.n
2011-03-09 jsSet size of hackergotchi for my blog.
2011-03-09 jsAdd hackergotchi for my blog.
2011-03-09 jsAdd my blog.
2011-03-01 curanAdded myself (Kai Wasserbäch).
2011-03-01 anaswitch to unfiltered feed for news.d.n so last news...
2011-02-28 csmallupdate Craig Small website
2011-02-23 ctaylorUpdate my feed URL
2011-02-20 joergadd a small patch from kibi to have titles small-caps...
2011-02-15 rrschange blog
2011-02-11 winnieChange url to my feed (Patrick Winnertz)
2011-02-11 jblacheRemove hackergotchi for Julien Blache
2011-02-11 jblacheRemove hackergotchi; to be replaced with a newer one...
2011-02-10 formorerReenable hackergotchi for formorer
2011-02-08 kibiAdd some background color for KiBi, trying to cope...
2011-02-08 kibiUpdate dimensions for KiBi's new attempt.
2011-02-08 kibiEnable hackerlogotchi for KiBi.
2011-02-08 kibiFix dimensions for KiBi (65x85 ≠ 85x65).
2011-02-08 kibiAdd KiBi.
2011-02-07 twernertwerner: switch to my new tarent blog
2011-02-06 anamissing /feed/ at the end of the URL [planet-es]
2011-02-06 anaadd Fernando C Estrada to planet-es
2011-02-05 joergupdate index once more
2011-02-05 joergadd breadcrumb fix
2011-02-05 joergnew layout
2011-02-05 tiagoEdit Tiago Bortoletto Vaz - new feed address.
2011-01-17 nobseFix link to my RSS feed
2011-01-15 plessyadd Charles Plessy hackergotchi
2011-01-15 plessyadd Charles Plessy
2011-01-14 agxAdd agx hackergotchi
2011-01-14 agxAdd agx
2011-01-10 hertzogChange my feed URL so that I can exclude articles from...
2011-01-09 youshadd Nikita Youshchenko
2011-01-08 danielCommenting my hackergotchi.
2011-01-07 danielReenabling myself.
2011-01-05 csmalledited csmall
2011-01-02 fstremove Frank S. Thomas
2010-12-28 asacadd new debian tag rss for asac/Alexander Sack
2010-12-23 agxAdded Christoph Göhre
2010-12-18 bremnerbremner: update face dimensions
2010-12-18 bremnerchange bremner.png: use a hackergotchi that annoys...
2010-12-17 hertzogUpdate the size in the config file to match the new...
2010-12-17 tolimarReenabling my blog after fixing 500 error
2010-12-17 hertzogReduce size of hackergotchi as requested by Rhonda.
2010-12-14 johnsAdd John Sullivan.
2010-12-14 johnsAdd John Sullivan.
2010-12-11 joergRemove non-working feeds
2010-12-07 sjoerdAdd sjoerd hackergotchi
2010-12-07 sjoerdAdd sjoerd
2010-12-03 anaadd my hackergotchi to the english planet
2010-12-03 anaadd pgquiles
2010-11-27 larsadd Lars Wirzenius hackergotchi
2010-11-27 larsAdd Lars Wirzenius head.
2010-11-11 rbrito-guestUpdate link to my blog
2010-11-10 rhondaswitch to index.planet feed without flattr buttons...
2010-11-08 jordiFix Wiki message, needs "Config." prefix.
2010-11-08 jordiAdd a link to the Wiki page.
2010-11-04 jordiAdd Simon Josefsson, as he seems to have problems to...
2010-11-03 kibiAdd Julien Viard de Galbert.
2010-10-31 danielTemporarily disabling my feed due server move.
2010-10-27 rhondaCorrected umlauts in names
2010-10-18 erichuse my english-language feed.
2010-10-18 erichupdate my blogs feed URL
2010-10-10 gildoredit Sylvain Le Gall
2010-10-09 kibiUpdate blog URL.
2010-10-06 dktrkranzrestore dktrkranz
2010-10-06 dktrkranzremove dktrkranz
2010-10-03 anaadd my hackergotchi
2010-09-29 dkgremoving blog of Runa Sandvik (http://www.indentedlines...
2010-09-29 dkgremoving blog of Erinn Clark at her request
2010-09-24 dkgadded the blog of Jamie Rollins, a regular contributor...
2010-09-23 thijsedit Thijs Kinkhorst
2010-09-23 jhrAdd my hackergotchi
2010-09-21 dktrkranzedit dktrkranz hackergotchi
2010-09-21 dktrkranzchange dktrkranz