2013-03-26 Francesca Ciceridapal
2013-03-26 Francesca Ciceriholger
2013-03-26 Francesca Ciceribitcoin he
2013-03-26 Francesca Cicerihocevar mime
2013-03-26 Francesca Ciceribuxy and highvoltage
2013-03-23 Francesca Cicerimoray
2013-03-23 Francesca Cicerifixed paultag, gregoa with laser beams
2013-03-22 Francesca Cicerizobel
2013-03-22 Francesca Cicerifire breathing dkg
2013-03-20 Francesca Cicerialien mako
2013-03-19 Francesca Ciceripirate paultag
2013-03-19 Francesca Cicerilaser beam algernon
2013-03-19 Francesca CiceriMerge branch 'joke' of git+ssh://
2013-03-19 Francesca Ciceripirate buxy, yarr
2013-03-19 Gerfried Fuchsshades and beard
2013-03-17 Victor NițuModified adnan, agx
2013-03-17 Victor NițuAdded XCF versions of heads used by config
2013-03-14 pabsAdd new derivative Kali Linux master
2013-03-12 algernonedit Gergely Nagy (face fixed)
2013-03-12 algernonedit Gergely Nagy (face/hackergotchi added)
2013-03-12 algernonadd Gergely Nagy
2013-02-22 pocockDaniel Pocock: update URL
2013-02-16 pocockadd Daniel Pocock
2013-02-01 pabsAdd new Epidemic-Linux blog
2013-01-26 damogAdding the new dimensions of my head
2013-01-26 damogChanging my head just for the lolz
2013-01-26 damogEditing my own feed.
2013-01-25 pabsDrop the second blankon dev feed
2013-01-22 francoisUpdate my feed URL (moved from Blogger to Branchable)
2013-01-05 wouterRemove unnecessary exec bit
2013-01-03 henrichadd Hideki Yamane
2013-01-02 nionas per discussion on devel, include my general feed...
2012-12-30 joerglog to planet.log
2012-12-30 joerguse more |safe
2012-12-28 joergcleanup, disable broken entries
2012-12-26 gregoagregoa: update feed url
2012-12-26 wajanew feed url
2012-12-19 joergadd the push for the static mirrors
2012-12-19 joerguse planet-search vhost
2012-12-15 ghostbarEdited Jose Luis Rivas
2012-12-11 jelmerreadd Jelmer Vernooij
2012-12-10 madamezouadded Francesca Ciceri
2012-12-06 andAdd an additional feed for Andrea Veri
2012-12-01 joergthe weasel moved. restless weasel
2012-11-25 tinchoEdit Martin Ferrari's feed URL
2012-11-25 pabsbiella's blog got fixed
2012-11-19 pabsEpidemic-Linux logo updated
2012-11-13 ijc-guestAdd Ian Campbell
2012-11-09 gaudenzActivate DC13 Hackergotchi
2012-11-09 gaudenzAdd DC13 hackergotchi
2012-11-05 pabsUpdate crunchbang news feed
2012-11-03 rraedit Russ Allbery
2012-10-31 pabsAdd whonix features blog
2012-10-30 paultagRe-add Nathan Handler.
2012-10-29 ghedoremove Alessandro Ghedini
2012-10-24 93samRe-enable Jonas' feed
2012-10-22 pabsWhonix logo updated
2012-10-20 rrsedit Ritesh Raj Sarraf
2012-10-18 93samtemporarily disable Jonas' feed
2012-10-18 pabsAdd Whonix feed to derivs planet
2012-10-17 monicaedit Mònica Ramírez Arceda
2012-10-13 agxReenable - conn refused was temporary
2012-10-11 joergSmall readme
2012-10-11 pabsFix filter_directories for the main planet
2012-10-11 joergfix
2012-10-11 joergAdd patch from Paul Wise to filter out various unwanted...
2012-10-10 pabsAdd ZevenOS-Neptune feed
2012-10-10 pabsAdd Whonix logo.
2012-10-09 andEdited Andrea Veri's feed URL
2012-10-05 tinchoUpdate tincho's blog URL.
2012-10-02 stapelbergadd Michael Stapelberg
2012-09-30 pabshighvoltage requested I change his feed to the new...
2012-09-23 anaRemove Julien Blache as he requested.
2012-09-15 pabsStormOS is now inactive
2012-08-15 pabsAdd UltimediaOS devs blog
2012-08-11 pmatthaeiadd Patrick Matthäi
2012-08-11 pabsAlienVault-OSSIM logo update
2012-08-11 pabsForgot highvoltage's hackergotchi
2012-07-26 knokChange blog engine
2012-07-22 wouterAdd Sorina's hackergochi to config.ini, too
2012-07-22 wouterAdd head for Sorina Sandu
2012-07-14 pabsAdd Jonathan Carter
2012-07-14 rfrancoiseadd myself back.
2012-07-13 brlinkadd brlink hackergotchi
2012-07-13 brlinkadd brlink hackergotchi
2012-07-09 aquetteadd Arnaud Quette
2012-07-07 jwilkAdd Jakub Wilk.
2012-07-07 tiagoNew atom for tiago.
2012-07-07 jwilks/Ev100y/Every/
2012-07-05 lisandroFix the size of my hackergotchi.
2012-07-05 lisandroRenwe my face. I'm getting older ;)
2012-07-03 mehdiPrefer the RSS feed
2012-07-02 mehdiUpdate my entry
2012-06-28 pabsSprezzOS logo image changed
2012-06-26 lisandroAdd Eshat cakar's hackergotchi.
2012-06-26 lisandroAdd Eshat Cakar.
2012-06-09 joergremove broken entries
2012-06-09 joergbad planet, remove it entirely from config
2012-06-08 joergdisable non-hackergotchi
2012-06-08 xnoxxnox - add myself