Add ArcheOS logo
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2012-05-14 pabsAdd ArcheOS logo
2012-04-19 pabssqueeze version of PIL gives slightly different results...
2012-04-18 pabsUpdate to the latest beta output of the census scripts.
2012-03-12 madkissadd Martin Loschwitz
2012-03-12 kartikm-guestRenamed vasudev-1.png -> vasudev.png
2012-03-11 kartikm-guestAdded Vasudev Kamath as per his request. Debian Maintainer
2012-03-06 aleriosAdding Luis Uribe
2012-03-05 rmayorgaAdding DebConf12 logo to DebConf's team feed
2012-02-10 jebadd James Bromberger
2012-02-01 zigoadd/Thomas Goirand
2012-01-08 pabsAdd siduction
2012-01-08 pabsAdd AlienVault-OSSIM and update some images
2011-12-14 rmayorgaAdding leogg from dc12 local-team
2011-12-12 rmayorga* Adding Norman García
2011-12-06 donadd don.png
2011-11-12 jordiAdded Paul Tagliamonte on request.
2011-11-10 monesadd me!
2011-11-10 anaadd berto
2011-08-31 pabsUpdate derivatives logo heads
2011-08-31 pabsAdd StormOS to Planet Debian derivatives
2011-08-31 timoadd timo
2011-08-27 morayupdate moray.png to try to fix drop-shadow
2011-08-27 morayupdate moray.png
2011-08-13 pabsAdd Vanillux to Planet Debian derivatives
2011-08-11 lunaradd Jérémy Bobbio
2011-08-05 pabsAdd LinuxAdvanced to Planet Debian derivatives
2011-07-23 pabsUpdate derivatives logo heads
2011-07-23 pabsAdd DoudouLinux to the derivatives planet
2011-06-28 yohadd NeuroDebian team blog
2011-06-20 pabsAdd Knoppix news feed
2011-06-18 pabsAdd new semplice logo
2011-06-14 pabsAdd initial Planet Debian Derivatives configuration...
2011-06-04 stewstew in your face
2011-06-03 vorlonadd hackergotchi for Sam Dunne
2011-05-28 obergixUpdate obergix (transparency)
2011-05-26 rhondaadd head of laney
2011-05-25 obergixadd Olivier Berger
2011-05-24 mdzAdd Nathan Handler
2011-05-18 bernatadd Vincent Bernat
2011-05-18 hertzogAdd entry for DM Tanguy Ortolo.
2011-04-29 kibiRemove KiBi's head.
2011-04-09 ollyupdate olly with transparent background version
2011-04-09 ollyadd olly
2011-03-18 holgernew logo for debconf blog
2011-03-09 jsAdd hackergotchi for my blog.
2011-02-11 jblacheRemove hackergotchi for Julien Blache
2011-02-08 kibiAdd some background color for KiBi, trying to cope...
2011-02-08 kibiFix dimensions for KiBi (65x85 ≠ 85x65).
2011-02-08 kibiAdd KiBi.
2011-01-15 plessyadd Charles Plessy hackergotchi
2011-01-14 agxAdd agx
2010-12-18 bremnerchange bremner.png: use a hackergotchi that annoys...
2010-12-17 hertzogReduce size of hackergotchi as requested by Rhonda.
2010-12-14 johnsAdd John Sullivan.
2010-12-07 sjoerdAdd sjoerd
2010-12-03 anaadd pgquiles
2010-11-27 larsAdd Lars Wirzenius head.
2010-10-03 anaadd my hackergotchi
2010-09-23 jhrAdd my hackergotchi
2010-09-21 dktrkranzchange dktrkranz
2010-09-21 mpittchange Martin Pitt: make image smaller
2010-09-21 mpittadd/change Martin Pitt
2010-08-07 synrgupdate Ben Armstrong
2010-07-13 schultmcAdd DebConf10 hackergotchi
2010-06-24 ffm-guestIncrease size.
2010-06-24 ffm-guestInclude my hackergotchi.
2010-06-24 jordiRemove fabbione's feed & hackergotchi, per request.
2010-06-09 alessioadd Alessio Treglia
2010-05-25 gwolfLook to the other side
2010-05-24 gwolfUpdated Gunnar Wolf's hackergotchi
2010-05-11 mezEdit Mez's Head
2010-05-07 mehdiAdd mehdi
2010-05-05 rrsadd Ritesh Raj Sarraf - rrs
2010-04-20 jordiRemove Benjamin Drieu, by request.
2010-03-24 thkoch-guestadded picture for thomas koch
2010-03-20 aleriosadded Alejandro Rios
2010-02-15 keithpAdd keithp hackergotchi
2010-02-05 tgAdd some kind of avatar for Thorsten Glaser to serve...
2010-02-02 marcotadd Marco Tulio Gontijo e Silva
2010-01-23 eanAdding myself (Ean Schuessler) to the Debian Planet...
2010-01-21 jordiRemove Mike O'Connor per request.
2010-01-01 rmhUpdate rmh.png
2009-12-28 gregoaupdate hackergotchi for gregor herrmann
2009-12-27 andupdated hackergotchi's name to match my DD account
2009-11-29 torstenAdd Torsten Landschoff hackergotchi.
2009-11-26 jossReplace bad hackergotchi by my avatar.
2009-11-24 rmayorgaAdding William Vera, hi is on the NM queue
2009-10-29 jimmyAdded DebConf10 hackergotchi
2009-09-23 jmtdscale down jmtd.png to 80%
2009-09-23 jmtdnew hackergotchi: jmtd
2009-09-08 evgeniadd Christoph Egger
2009-09-04 zakame-guestedit zakame's feed
2009-09-02 zakame-guestheads/zakame.png: remove svn:executable
2009-09-02 zakame-guestAdd zakame's hackergotchi
2009-08-25 dktrkranzAdd Luca Falavigna
2009-08-23 francoisAdd Francois Marier
2009-08-21 jimmyadd Adnan Hodzic
2009-08-16 rmayorgaAdding Mauro Lizaur to p.d.o/es
2009-08-14 jordiAdd mdz per request.
2009-08-05 meebeyadded head of C.J. Adams-Collier