Adding me to planet-es
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2009-10-12 ghostbarAdding me to planet-es
2009-10-06 michaAdd Micha Lenk
2009-10-03 awmEdit Andrew McMillan url
2009-09-30 pkernremove Philipp Kern
2009-09-26 mauroadding myself to p.d.o too
2009-09-23 jmtdremove width/height from jmtd (superfluous, OOD)
2009-09-23 jmtdupdate my feed info + add hackergotchi
2009-09-16 skx Updated feed for Steve Kemp
2009-09-14 micahfix alphabetization and add Ryan Niebur
2009-09-10 vortex-guestadd Chris Taylor
2009-09-08 evgeniadd Christoph Egger
2009-09-04 zakame-guestedit zakame's feed
2009-09-04 macanadd Eduardo Marcel Macan
2009-09-02 olberger-guestAdding Olivier Berger (Debian Maintainer)
2009-09-02 zakame-guestAdd zakame's hackergotchi
2009-09-01 pabsupdate zakame's blog URL
2009-08-31 pabsre-enable my blog after removing the ikiwiki autoindex...
2009-08-30 pabsdisable my blog cause of the ikiwiki autoindex bug...
2009-08-27 akumarAdd Kumar Appaiah
2009-08-27 mvoadd Michael Vogt
2009-08-26 christineUpdate my tag feed
2009-08-25 dktrkranzAdd Luca Falavigna
2009-08-23 jurijChange the feed URL for myself after switching to ikiwiki.
2009-08-23 francoisAdd Francois Marier hackergotchi
2009-08-21 jimmyadd Adnan Hodzic hackergotchi
2009-08-21 jimmyAdd Adnan Hodzic
2009-08-16 rmayorgaAdding Mauro Lizaur to p.d.o/es
2009-08-14 jordiAdd mdz per request.
2009-08-11 morphadd Carl Chenet
2009-08-05 meebeyadded C.J. Adams-Collier, a member of the Debian CLI...
2009-08-03 amacateradd/edit/remove Andrew Cater
2009-07-30 adeodatoComment out Dato.
2009-07-29 bubulleFix my hg size
2009-07-24 janddadd Jan Dittberner
2009-07-23 bluekuja-guestAndrea Veri's blog updated
2009-07-21 analisandropm: new feed without ñ
2009-07-20 anaaad lisandro's hackergotchi
2009-07-20 anaadd lisandro
2009-07-18 costelachange Leo 'costela' Antunes
2009-07-18 costelaChange Leo 'costela' Antunes (oops, wrong link)
2009-07-18 costelaadd Leo 'costela' Antunes
2009-07-11 petereAdd a picture for me
2009-06-30 zobelnew feed url
2009-06-21 zobeladd DSA
2009-06-14 fstedit Frank S. Thomas: new blog URL
2009-06-13 mezEdited Martin Meredith
2009-06-13 meebeyremoved face line of Jonny Lamb, added that one by...
2009-06-12 meebeyadd Jo Shields
2009-06-11 rmhAdd myself.
2009-06-05 enricoUpdated rss link
2009-06-05 hartmansAdd Sam Hartman
2009-05-26 93samAdd GSoC folks
2009-05-23 formorerDisable formorer
2009-05-21 synrgUpdate feed address for Ben Armstrong
2009-05-14 nobseOnly my Debian category
2009-05-14 kibiUpdate Jérémie Corbier's feed URL, fix his first name.
2009-05-11 claviolaedit Carlos Laviola
2009-05-11 evgenimove Evgeni Golov to the proper place
2009-05-11 evgeniadd Evgeni Golov
2009-05-08 nionadding Jan Hauke Rahm
2009-05-07 mbanckadd Michael Banck/Livejournal
2009-05-05 lucabFixed kaeso's feed
2009-05-04 enricoAdded Eugene V. Lyubimkin
2009-04-24 gwolfUpdated Gunnar Wolf's hackergotchi. Feeling blue...
2009-04-21 bzedUsing the right feed url now.
2009-04-20 ajkedit Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho
2009-04-17 lucianoadd Luciano Bello
2009-04-08 lucianochange DebConf team
2009-04-08 lukRemove my feed
2009-04-07 lukedit luk
2009-04-07 holgerupdate debconf hackergotchi
2009-03-24 mechanixEdit Filip Van Raemdonck
2009-03-21 damogchanging the size of my head :)
2009-03-05 rmayorgaadding myself to p.d.o/es
2009-02-25 srivastaAdded myself back in (Manoj)
2009-02-23 hertzogUpdate my hackergotchi.
2009-02-22 venthuredit Bastian Venthur
2009-02-15 bzedAdding again.
2009-01-28 acornetedit Arnaud Cornet
2009-01-24 appajiRemove comment and add face
2009-01-19 aurel32Change the size of my hakergotchi
2009-01-19 anaadd mez in proper alphabetical order
2009-01-19 aurel32Update the size of my hakergotchi
2009-01-15 jelmeradd Jelmer Vernooij
2009-01-11 mezAdd Martin Meredith
2009-01-10 dburrowsUpdate my hackergotchi size.
2009-01-10 apollockedit Andrew Pollock hackergotchi
2009-01-08 bdaleBdale's blog has moved to ikiwiki, rss feed constrained...
2009-01-07 margaAdding my blog
2009-01-05 srivastaTake myself (Manoj) off the planet, for now
2009-01-04 tviehmannremove tviehmann
2009-01-04 skxUpdated feed as per Message-ID: <4960101F.4060506@andre...
2009-01-03 pabsadd ncommander, he intends to blog about his work on dak
2008-12-28 adeodatoUpdate Nacho Barrientos' feed on his request.
2008-12-27 rudyUpdating config to my new blog' feed
2008-12-23 joergMore items per feed total
2008-12-21 anaplanetarium is better
2008-12-21 joergPlanetarium
2008-12-21 joergFirst new language: es
2008-12-21 joergOther planet text