changing my head
[deb/hackedgotchi.git] / config /
2009-03-21 damogchanging the size of my head :)
2009-03-05 rmayorgaadding myself to p.d.o/es
2009-02-25 srivastaAdded myself back in (Manoj)
2009-02-23 hertzogUpdate my hackergotchi.
2009-02-22 venthuredit Bastian Venthur
2009-02-15 bzedAdding again.
2009-01-28 acornetedit Arnaud Cornet
2009-01-24 appajiRemove comment and add face
2009-01-19 aurel32Change the size of my hakergotchi
2009-01-19 anaadd mez in proper alphabetical order
2009-01-19 aurel32Update the size of my hakergotchi
2009-01-15 jelmeradd Jelmer Vernooij
2009-01-11 mezAdd Martin Meredith
2009-01-10 dburrowsUpdate my hackergotchi size.
2009-01-10 apollockedit Andrew Pollock hackergotchi
2009-01-08 bdaleBdale's blog has moved to ikiwiki, rss feed constrained...
2009-01-07 margaAdding my blog
2009-01-05 srivastaTake myself (Manoj) off the planet, for now
2009-01-04 tviehmannremove tviehmann
2009-01-04 skxUpdated feed as per Message-ID: <4960101F.4060506@andre...
2009-01-03 pabsadd ncommander, he intends to blog about his work on dak
2008-12-28 adeodatoUpdate Nacho Barrientos' feed on his request.
2008-12-27 rudyUpdating config to my new blog' feed
2008-12-23 joergMore items per feed total
2008-12-21 anaplanetarium is better
2008-12-21 joergPlanetarium
2008-12-21 joergFirst new language: es
2008-12-21 joergOther planet text
2008-12-20 benhadd René Mayorga
2008-12-20 joergMore django templates
2008-12-20 joergAdd atom django template
2008-12-20 joerg- Use django template for index.html
2008-12-17 pabsserver back up, works fine
2008-12-14 svenReenable my blog.
2008-12-13 joergAdd atom output
2008-12-13 joergs/rss/atom/
2008-12-13 bdaleBdale's feed is now fixed
2008-12-13 joergDisable non-working planet entries
2008-12-13 joergTake out old commented entries
2008-12-13 joergChanges for new code version
2008-12-12 damogchanging damogs info
2008-12-12 svenChanged feed of Kartik to atom to get sane blog titles...
2008-12-09 danielUpdating Tiagos feed as requested by him.
2008-12-07 makoupdated feed for Phil Hands
2008-12-02 morphadding Emilio Pozuelo Monfort + photo
2008-12-02 holgeradd Muammar
2008-12-01 anaRemove Jacobo Tarrío per his request.
2008-11-29 holgeradd Florian Maier, currently in NM
2008-11-28 morphadd David Paleino + hackergotchi
2008-11-25 danielAdding Tiago Bortoletto Vaz.
2008-11-25 wouterUpdate wouter
2008-11-24 adnWe don't need no identity nor stability in our community.
2008-11-24 vorlonTaking matters into my own hands to remove Joss from...
2008-11-18 kartikm-guestUpdated blog URL of Kartik Mistry, WP .com has changed...
2008-11-17 jgoerzenUpdate feed URL for John Goerzen
2008-11-16 fstedit Frank S. Thomas
2008-11-02 kroeckxAdd Kurt Roeckx
2008-10-31 andeteadd/Joost Yervante Damad
2008-10-24 seaniusadd Sean Finney
2008-10-21 mdedit Marco d'Itri (switched to ATOM 1.0)
2008-10-19 siretartremove myself for now, wiki is moving and new instance...
2008-10-14 cmotreenable avb, rss2 instead of atom
2008-10-13 jsogoAdded my new feed through Feedburner
2008-10-10 alfie<juliank> Könnte mal jemand mit Schreibzugriff einfach...
2008-10-07 tviehmannadd myself
2008-10-06 cmotcmot: disable for now
2008-10-02 acornetAdd Arnaud Cornet
2008-09-23 cmotall interesting content from my old blog has aged off...
2008-09-19 kovmoving from advogato to my already existing wordpress...
2008-09-19 cmotAdrian von Bidder / cmot: new blog location. I'll...
2008-09-19 madduckadd david bremner
2008-09-16 lucianoedit Luciano Bello
2008-09-16 schoenfeldadd Patrick Schoenfeld
2008-09-15 madduckremove duplicate uwe
2008-09-09 regAdd my feed (and my head).
2008-09-01 keesadjust face icon sizes
2008-08-27 fstadd Frank S. Thomas
2008-08-18 mdedit Marco d'Itri
2008-08-16 joergFix flooders
2008-08-15 keesadd myself to Planet Debian, with icon
2008-08-15 jswAdd face config for paulproteus
2008-08-14 jswAdd Asheesh Laroia's blog to planet
2008-08-10 tolimarChanging name
2008-08-04 schultmcEdit Michael Schultheiss
2008-08-04 benhadd DebConf 8 video feed
2008-08-01 rafledit Florian Ragwitz
2008-08-01 pvaneyndedit Peter Van Eynde
2008-07-31 mornfalledit Petr Rockai
2008-07-19 nxvl-guestedit Nicolas Valcárcel hackergotchi size
2008-07-19 nxvl-guestadd Nicolas Valcárcel with hackergotchi
2008-07-09 decklinupdate Decklin Foster hackergotchi
2008-07-03 zinovievAdd Michael Schutte
2008-07-02 micahedit biellas feed to her new domain
2008-06-15 robertleAdded Adam Jensen
2008-06-09 tootsThis one really filter keywords.. (toots)
2008-06-09 tootsSwitched to keyword-based RSS (toots)
2008-06-08 lukUpdate
2008-06-08 dburrowsAdd Arthur's hackergotchi to the Planet config.
2008-06-08 dburrowsActually, use his full name until I hear otherwise.
2008-06-08 dburrowsAdd my SoC student's development blog to the Planet.