Roland Mas: category 'geek' renamed to 'geek-en'
[deb/hackedgotchi.git] / config /
2005-12-07 lolandoRoland Mas: category 'geek' renamed to 'geek-en'
2005-12-04 sjrAdd Simon Richter
2005-11-30 isaacAdd Enrico Zini to planet
2005-11-27 adeodatoUpdate hackergotchi for dato in config.ini.
2005-11-25 makoremoved Sebastian Bacher at his request
2005-11-23 ajkre-enable (new URI) Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho
2005-11-23 ajkcomment out Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho
2005-11-18 acidadd jdanjou head
2005-11-16 tviehmannadd Thomas Viehmann
2005-11-16 hormsRemove horms again, I'm still not sure it doesn't break...
2005-11-16 hormsadd Horms (hopefully it doesn't break planet this time)
2005-11-15 davidwadd David Welton
2005-11-12 akumria- remove Anand Kumria, planet does not support atom 1.0
2005-11-12 makoadded hackergotchi for Per-Arne Hellarvik
2005-11-12 makoupdated hackergotchi info for Michael Banck
2005-11-12 akumriaAdd Anand Kumria, apparently Planet does support Atom...
2005-11-11 zugschlusremove zugschlus' blog on popular request
2005-11-10 joshkdoh
2005-11-09 joshkdone
2005-11-07 sho * switched back to rss20 until planet supports atom10
2005-11-03 raduadd Radu Spineanu
2005-11-02 doogieAdded my face.
2005-10-31 makoadd Miguel Gea
2005-10-28 sho * changed sam's feed from RSS to Atom
2005-10-26 jamuraaedit Michael Janssen
2005-10-25 damogAdded NM, Matt Brown
2005-10-23 schizochange christine's feed, per christine
2005-10-22 rottyURL typo corrected
2005-10-22 rottyURL typo corrected
2005-10-21 rottySwitched to wordpress
2005-10-21 broonieRemove my LJ
2005-10-17 ultrotterAdd Guido Trotter's feed and hackergotchi
2005-10-11 kovnew head has new dimensions
2005-10-11 sho * updated sam's feed info
2005-09-30 makoreenabled Martin Krafft with removed cache
2005-09-28 madducktemporarily disable madduck
2005-09-24 robsterTemporarily disabling for migration to wordpress.
2005-09-22 weinholtremove g. weinholt
2005-09-20 robot101add Rob Taylor (GNOME team contributor)
2005-09-18 mdedit Marco d'Itri
2005-09-18 zobeladd XTaran/Axel Beckert
2005-09-15 brandenAdd info for branden's hackergotchi head.
2005-09-12 frankieUpdating zinosat
2005-09-09 ajkesseledit Adam Kessel
2005-09-07 ajkesseledit Adam Kessel
2005-09-07 noodlesadd Jonathan McDowell
2005-09-07 neilmadd Neil McGovern
2005-09-07 mpalmeradd Matthew Palmer
2005-09-06 vanicatchanging my url
2005-09-05 myonedit Christoph Berg
2005-09-03 kelbertRe-add Jean-Michel Kelbert.
2005-09-02 frankiechanged Francesco P. Lovergine
2005-08-31 jbaileyAdd Michael Koch
2005-08-31 frankieadd Francesco P. Lovergine
2005-08-25 adeodatoMoving, again.
2005-08-24 madduckedit madduck hackergotchi
2005-08-24 madduckedit madduck head filename. argh
2005-08-24 madduckedit madduck head dimensions
2005-08-24 madduckedit madduck hackergotchi
2005-08-24 madduckedit madduck hackergotchi
2005-08-22 brlinkadd brlink
2005-08-22 srbakerremove myself
2005-08-21 madcoderoops index -> rss
2005-08-21 doogieFix my feed url.
2005-08-21 doogieAdded myself.
2005-08-20 madcoderchange the url of my feed
2005-08-19 dilingerthat ~dilinger crap was pure habit. grr.
2005-08-19 dilingeradd a bit of dub dub dub luv
2005-08-19 dilingerupdate url to my new blog
2005-08-19 abacommenting out nion on his own request
2005-08-17 zobeledit Martin Zobel-Helas
2005-08-17 bubulleUpdate my blog entry
2005-08-17 schizoerinn's new feed
2005-08-16 schizourl shortening fun for clint
2005-08-15 nobsereactivated Nico Golde's blog
2005-08-14 glandiumAdd Mike Hommey (correctly)
2005-08-14 glandiumAdd Mike Hommey
2005-08-12 adeodatoOops. Forgot to update the size of my hackergotchi.
2005-08-10 pkerncommented out Nico Golde
2005-08-09 joerglandchange feed URL of Joerg Wendland
2005-08-08 fenioBartosz Fenski - update
2005-08-08 sesseAdd sesse hackergotchi
2005-08-07 hertzogAdding head for hertzog.
2005-08-07 decklincorrect width of png
2005-08-06 decklinwiden my cat back to /tech. i apologize for being finicky.
2005-08-04 baruchAdd Baruch Even
2005-08-03 makochanged feed for Ross Burton
2005-08-03 fenioadd Bartosz Fenski
2005-08-02 benjedit Benjamin Drieu
2005-07-31 pkernadd Philipp Kern
2005-07-29 pkernremove Nico Golde hackergotchi
2005-07-28 madduckadded madduck
2005-07-27 ametzleradd Andreas Metzler
2005-07-25 makoReenabling Martin Krafft's blog.
2005-07-24 madduckremove madduck
2005-07-24 madduckadd madduck
2005-07-24 madduckremove madduck
2005-07-24 decklinnarrow my feed to the debian category only
2005-07-24 madduckadd madduck
2005-07-24 madduckremove madduck