remove Frank S. Thomas
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2011-01-02 fstremove Frank S. Thomas
2010-12-28 asacadd new debian tag rss for asac/Alexander Sack
2010-12-23 agxAdded Christoph Göhre
2010-12-18 bremnerbremner: update face dimensions
2010-12-17 hertzogUpdate the size in the config file to match the new...
2010-12-17 tolimarReenabling my blog after fixing 500 error
2010-12-14 johnsAdd John Sullivan.
2010-12-11 joergRemove non-working feeds
2010-12-07 sjoerdAdd sjoerd hackergotchi
2010-12-03 anaadd my hackergotchi to the english planet
2010-12-03 anaadd pgquiles
2010-11-27 larsadd Lars Wirzenius hackergotchi
2010-11-11 rbrito-guestUpdate link to my blog
2010-11-10 rhondaswitch to index.planet feed without flattr buttons...
2010-11-08 jordiAdd a link to the Wiki page.
2010-11-04 jordiAdd Simon Josefsson, as he seems to have problems to...
2010-11-03 kibiAdd Julien Viard de Galbert.
2010-10-31 danielTemporarily disabling my feed due server move.
2010-10-27 rhondaCorrected umlauts in names
2010-10-18 erichuse my english-language feed.
2010-10-18 erichupdate my blogs feed URL
2010-10-10 gildoredit Sylvain Le Gall
2010-10-09 kibiUpdate blog URL.
2010-10-06 dktrkranzrestore dktrkranz
2010-10-06 dktrkranzremove dktrkranz
2010-10-03 anaadd my hackergotchi
2010-09-29 dkgremoving blog of Runa Sandvik ( appea...
2010-09-29 dkgremoving blog of Erinn Clark at her request
2010-09-24 dkgadded the blog of Jamie Rollins, a regular contributor...
2010-09-23 thijsedit Thijs Kinkhorst
2010-09-23 jhrAdd my hackergotchi
2010-09-21 dktrkranzedit dktrkranz hackergotchi
2010-09-21 mpittadd Martin Pitt
2010-09-15 zakame-guestupdate zakame's feed
2010-09-09 munga-guestadd Pietro Abate
2010-09-09 larsadd Lars Wirzenius and clarify alphabetic order is...
2010-08-28 ddumont-guest- changed URL of Krzysztof's Tyszecki blog on his request
2010-08-28 rfrancoiseAdd myself back.
2010-08-25 marcotedit Marco Silva
2010-08-25 marcotedit Marco Silva
2010-08-24 iustinadd Iustin Pop
2010-08-24 skx Reinstate myself; not 100% sure on resigning.
2010-08-24 fsatelerChanged url for fsateler
2010-08-23 skxremove skx
2010-08-19 jcristauAdd Richard Darst
2010-08-18 93samre-sort feeds
2010-08-18 93samAdded Jonathan Wiltshire
2010-08-13 evgeniupdate url of my rss feed
2010-08-09 alfieChanged my feed URL
2010-08-07 synrgupdate Ben Armstrong
2010-08-06 dopeyfix url for matt hope <dopey>
2010-07-18 ddumont-guestAs GSOC 2010 mentor for Debian, I've added my student...
2010-07-17 mhyAdd myself to planet (hope this doesn't show old entrie...
2010-07-14 dkgadding blog for Jamie McClelland, a committed debian...
2010-07-14 fsateleradd Felipe Sateler
2010-07-09 agxFix encoding
2010-07-01 wouterRe-enable Ingo
2010-06-30 lmamaneremove Hannah Wallach: no blog at URL, no other blog...
2010-06-25 dioclesEdit Tim Retout again - use a link without query params
2010-06-25 dioclesEdit Tim Retout
2010-06-25 ffm-guestInclude a last name.
2010-06-24 ffm-guestAdd Luke Faraone.
2010-06-24 jordiRemove fabbione's feed & hackergotchi, per request.
2010-06-22 hertzogSwitch to my new english-only blog dedicated to free...
2010-06-21 kittermanTry again to fix feed for Scott Kitterman.
2010-06-20 kittermanFix typo in config.ini entry for Scott Kitterman.
2010-06-19 kittermanAdd Scott Kitterman
2010-06-12 bradsmithEdit Bradley Smith
2010-06-09 alessioAdd Alessio Treglia.
2010-06-09 benjaminremove Benjamin Seidenber
2010-06-06 formorerRemove ij until fixed
2010-06-06 formorerUpdate Ingo Juergensmann
2010-06-04 sjoerdAdd Sjoerd Simons
2010-05-31 patrykfix Piotr Galiszewski
2010-05-31 patrykfix Piotr Galiszewski
2010-05-31 patrykadd Piotr Galiszewski
2010-05-30 gaudenzadd Thibaut Girka (GSoC student I'm mentoring)
2010-05-24 gwolfUpdated Gunnar Wolf's hackergotchi
2010-05-22 rbrito-guestAdd Rogério Brito
2010-05-19 acidedit Julien Danjou
2010-05-19 bzedSwitch to atom feed.
2010-05-12 jordiUnfuck r1270
2010-05-11 mezEdit Mez's Head
2010-05-11 kalfaadd Cosimo Alfarano feed
2010-05-10 iuculanoadd Giuseppe Iuculano
2010-05-07 mehdiAdd Mehdi
2010-05-05 rrsedit Ritesh Raj Sarraf - rrs hackergotchi
2010-05-05 rrsedit Ritesh Raj Sarraf - rrs hackergotchi
2010-05-05 rrsupdate Ritesh Raj Sarraf - rrs
2010-05-04 rrsadd Ritesh Raj Sarraf - rrs
2010-04-30 makoremoved Matt Brubeck
2010-04-28 rdonaldremove Randall Donald
2010-04-23 mezedit Martin Meredith
2010-04-22 formorerReenable my blog
2010-04-20 jordiRestore Brandon Holtsclaw's feed using a non-hijacked...
2010-04-20 jordiRemove Benjamin Drieu, by request.
2010-04-20 jordiReenable mdz's feed.
2010-04-15 holgeradd Petter Reinholdtsen
2010-04-06 sylvestreadd Sylvestre Ledru
2010-03-28 gregoaJonathan Yu: change feed URL