abandon shi^Wadvogato
[deb/hackedgotchi.git] / config / config.ini
2006-09-08 vorlonabandon shi^Wadvogato
2006-09-06 makofixed Goneri Le Bouder's name finally
2006-09-04 makoadded David Watson
2006-09-04 makoadded Paul Wise
2006-09-04 enricoAdded blog for Petr Rockai (mornfall)
2006-09-04 zugschlustry URL escapes in zugschlus feed URL
2006-09-04 zugschlustry escaping the brackets in Zugschlus' feed URL
2006-09-04 andreasfixed feed for Andreas Schuldei
2006-09-04 makoone new item can show up
2006-09-04 makodisabled several blogs due to internal server errors
2006-09-04 makodisable new posts in new feeds in prep of planet versio...
2006-09-04 makodisabled several feeds for 404 issues
2006-09-03 vorlonBrewster's Millions != Groundhog Day; please fix your...
2006-09-03 zugschluschange rss feed URL for zugschlus
2006-09-02 makofixed Goneri Le Bouder's name
2006-09-01 rdonaldedit Randall Donald
2006-08-31 adeodatono cookie today.
2006-08-30 makoadded Gonéri Le Boude
2006-08-29 broonieAdd Jon Dowland
2006-08-29 philhedit Philip Hands
2006-08-29 gwolfAdded Rodrigo Gallardo's hackergotchi information
2006-08-29 gwolfAdded Rodrigo Gallardo
2006-08-25 prudhommedit Christophe Prud'homme
2006-08-25 prudhommadd christophe Prud'homme
2006-08-24 mltadd Marcela Tiznado
2006-08-24 philhadd Phil Hands
2006-08-23 noodlesadd Jonathan McDowell hackergotchi
2006-08-22 waldiAdd Bastian Blank
2006-08-16 makoadded Mario Iseli
2006-08-14 makoadding Russel Coker
2006-08-10 makoadded Lucas Nussbaum to planet
2006-08-09 stoEdited Sergio Talens-Oliag subscription
2006-08-06 danAdd Daniel Jacobowitz
2006-08-05 enricoFixed RSS link to Enrico Zini's blog
2006-08-04 joergaba has the wrong opinion
2006-08-04 abaremoving non-personal blogs: DebianTimes, DebConf6
2006-08-03 abaadded DebianTimes
2006-08-02 lolandoNew blog engine for lolando, new feed URL
2006-08-01 ametzlerUpdate ametzler blog URL
2006-07-31 robsterChanged the URL for my feed.
2006-07-31 makore-enabled Enrico Zini's feed
2006-07-31 makodisabled Enrico Zini's blog temporarily
2006-07-29 zorglubAdd Felipe Augusto van de Wiel (faw) (currently in NM)
2006-07-25 joergscotsman.png used
2006-07-22 skx Updated my feed. (skx).
2006-07-21 moochAdded a English category for English posts, so that...
2006-07-14 acidnew head for me
2006-07-11 danielremoved Robert Pickel, his SoC application is canceled...
2006-07-10 otavioAdd Otavio Salvador.
2006-07-09 ttroxellremove hackergotchi, seems to be broken
2006-07-04 alfienew alfiegotchi
2006-07-03 asacadded asac
2006-06-28 jeroenChange Anthony Town's rss feed: do include full article...
2006-06-27 joeyAdded the official link, in case somebody wants to...
2006-06-23 dexter* Added face for Piotr Roszatycki
2006-06-22 dexterAdded Piotr Roszatycki
2006-06-22 moochReadded myself (Jesus Climent) with a new wordpress...
2006-06-22 makotemporarily deactiviating Jesus Climent
2006-06-22 makodeactivating DWN feed
2006-06-20 aigariusNew blog for me :) Should not flood the p.d.o
2006-06-20 lolandoFixed the size of my face
2006-06-18 synrgChanged Ben Armstrong
2006-06-18 synrgadd Benjamin Armstrong
2006-06-17 damogAdding the dwn feed.
2006-06-11 aigariusAdd Gintatuas head to the config
2006-06-10 aigariusAdd Gintautas, a SoC student
2006-06-09 benhadd Ben Hutchings hackergotchi
2006-06-07 baruchUse baruch's head
2006-06-05 pereAdd my SoC student.
2006-06-04 andrelopUpdated my config due to changed blog location
2006-06-04 jamuraaReenabling jamuraa...
2006-06-01 zobelnow my feed should work again.
2006-06-01 zobeladding myself again. lets hope, i will not flood planet...
2006-05-31 zobeldisabling myself for a while
2006-05-31 hertzogAdd hackergotchi for Arnaud Fontaine.
2006-05-27 baruchAdd Debian Live Summer of Code project of Robert Pickel.
2006-05-27 nomeataadding myself again, trying fix from antti-juhani...
2006-05-26 cjwatsonadd Matheus Morais (Google Summer of Code student,...
2006-05-26 margaRe added Marga's blog
2006-05-26 filippoadd filippo plus hackergotchi
2006-05-26 makoDisabled Carlos Parra Camargo
2006-05-25 hertzogAdded Arnaud Fontaine (Summer of Code student).
2006-05-25 erichAdding Alex de Landgraaf, Debtags SoC project
2006-05-24 93samAdded carlospc, one of the Debian students in SoC2006.
2006-05-23 madduckadded biella hackergotchi
2006-05-23 madduckadding biella's tech category
2006-05-19 thomrevert to rss till planet.d supports atom1.0
2006-05-19 troupReally fix the typo.
2006-05-19 huggieAdd Simon Huggins
2006-05-19 thomupdate my blog location
2006-05-19 kroogerfixing a typo
2006-05-19 madduckremoving krooger due to unacceptable content
2006-05-17 dnusinowFix astronut's hackergotchi
2006-05-16 wouterAdd reference to astronut's hackergochi
2006-05-16 wouterAdd Benjamin Seidenberg, per his request (NM, waiting...
2006-05-16 kroogeradd Ted Walther
2006-05-15 madduckremoved biella
2006-05-15 madduckadded biella
2006-05-14 evanadd Evan Prodromou
2006-05-13 tolimaredit Meike Reichle