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2007-12-15 larsChanged url to Lars Wirzenius
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2007-12-01 fjpAdd Matthew Johnson's tech blog (at his request)
2007-11-30 anaadd César Gómez Martín
2007-11-29 dburrowsPoint at the new location of my blog.
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2007-11-25 imbrandon-guestadd Brandon Holtsclaws feed and pic
2007-11-24 mckinstryDomain name for blog changed - mckinstry
2007-11-20 alfiealfiegotchi -> rhondagotchi
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2007-11-17 gregoa-guestadd Gregor Herrmann (feed and hackergotchi)
2007-11-12 makofixed mistake in last update to Kartik Minstry
2007-11-12 dleidert-guestupdate Daniel Leidert
2007-11-12 makoupdated blog URL for Kartik Mistry
2007-11-09 atomo64-guestadd Raphael Geissert hackergotchi
2007-11-09 dleidert-guestAdded my Debian blog.
2007-11-09 certik-guestedit Ondrej Certik
2007-11-09 certik-guestadd Ondrej Certik
2007-11-07 christineUpdate my feed.
2007-11-06 madcoderAdd fabo.png
2007-11-06 madcoderAdd fabo
2007-11-01 anachange pusling's feed
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2007-10-22 morayupdate moray
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2007-10-21 gildoradd Sylvain Le Gall
2007-10-21 bluekuja-guestChanging blog url to debian category only
2007-10-19 nobseUpdated blog url.
2007-10-17 margaFixed typo
2007-10-17 margaChanged debconf.png for debconf8.png
2007-10-17 alfieOne image ought to be enough for everyone
2007-10-17 alfiedisable biella's hackergotchi on her own request
2007-10-13 bluekuja-guestresized image details for Andrea Veri -- bluekuja.png
2007-10-12 bluekuja-guestAdded Andrea Veri - bluekuja to Planet Debian
2007-10-11 pabsadd Cyril Brulebois (KiBi)
2007-10-08 atomo64-guestadd Raphael Geissert
2007-10-06 madduckchange my hackergotchi
2007-10-06 madduckremove keybuk
2007-10-05 lucasupdate Lucas's hackergotchi
2007-09-29 holgerfixed size
2007-09-28 fjpAdd my log
2007-09-28 holgerloldebian hackergotchi added
2007-09-28 chrisbremove Chris Butler hackergotchi
2007-09-28 chrisbadd Chris Butler
2007-09-27 sjrShrunk drop shadow under Tore's hackergotchi
2007-09-27 sjradd Tore Bekkedal
2007-09-19 lolandoBroadening (a bit) the section of my blog I feed Planet
2007-09-16 cjwatsonmove my blog
2007-09-13 tytsoUpdate tytso to new blog location
2007-09-12 makoadded head for Jose Luis Rivas Contreras
2007-09-11 makoadded Jose Luis Rivas Contreras
2007-09-07 mariomario: updated my hackergotchi
2007-09-06 makoMoved to using templates now under Subversion.
2007-09-04 danielRe-enabling myself.
2007-09-04 hertzogChanged feed of Raphael Hertzog to point to all english...
2007-08-28 jluebbeAdd my feed
2007-08-27 pabsRemove my blog since uncertified users at advogato...
2007-08-26 zobeladding tokkee
2007-08-25 deschange feed for Martin Ferrari
2007-08-22 nobsefaceheight and facewidth also removed
2007-08-22 nobseremoved hackergotchi
2007-08-21 ianwmove Ian Wienand in alphabetical order
2007-08-20 ianwadd Ian Wienand
2007-08-14 makofixed érémie Corbier name
2007-08-11 bgoglinMove Brice Goglin where it belongs alphabetically
2007-08-11 bgoglinadd Brice Goglin
2007-08-09 evanRe-added my blog based on feedback on debian-project...
2007-08-08 makoadded Jérémie Corbier
2007-08-08 evanRemove my blog from Planet.
2007-08-06 anaAdding my blog.
2007-08-06 nobseHackergotchi
2007-08-02 makotry reenaabling Lior Kaplan
2007-08-02 makocommented out liors blog again
2007-08-01 makoreenabled liors feed
2007-07-29 heedit URL for Patrick Winnertz
2007-07-26 myonRe-add my blog.
2007-07-24 makoreenabled Alastair McKinley
2007-07-22 wouteruse better RSS feed
2007-07-22 makotesting by removing Lior Kaplan
2007-07-22 makoremoved long term deactivations and comment out people...
2007-07-22 kaplanAdd Lior Kaplan
2007-07-18 santiagoadd Santiago Ruano Rincon
2007-07-18 hertzogUpdate URL of Raphael Hertzog's blog.
2007-07-08 meebeyadd Mirco Bauer
2007-07-01 nobsedisabled outdated hackergotchi
2007-06-27 damogAdding Mike O'Connor
2007-06-27 madducknew scottish duck for madduck
2007-06-26 madduck.
2007-06-26 christineFixing my hackergotchi dimensions
2007-06-26 nobseUpdated Feed
2007-06-23 schultmcEdit Michael Schultheiss
2007-06-22 makoupdated feed for Norbert Tretkowski
2007-06-22 makoupdated feed for Edd Dumbill
2007-06-22 93samAdded Dave Noble
2007-06-22 schultmcAdd Michael Schultheiss (schultmc) hackergotchi
2007-06-22 schultmcEdit Michael Schultheiss (schultmc)
2007-06-22 schultmcAdd Michael Schultheiss (schultmc)
2007-06-20 pstorralbaReenable pstorralba blog.
2007-06-19 thomonly push tech feeds for scott and I