Remove my blog since uncertified users at advogato don't get an RSS file. ikiwiki...
[deb/hackedgotchi.git] / config / config.ini
2007-08-27 pabsRemove my blog since uncertified users at advogato...
2007-08-26 zobeladding tokkee
2007-08-25 deschange feed for Martin Ferrari
2007-08-22 nobsefaceheight and facewidth also removed
2007-08-22 nobseremoved hackergotchi
2007-08-21 ianwmove Ian Wienand in alphabetical order
2007-08-20 ianwadd Ian Wienand
2007-08-14 makofixed érémie Corbier name
2007-08-11 bgoglinMove Brice Goglin where it belongs alphabetically
2007-08-11 bgoglinadd Brice Goglin
2007-08-09 evanRe-added my blog based on feedback on debian-project...
2007-08-08 makoadded Jérémie Corbier
2007-08-08 evanRemove my blog from Planet.
2007-08-06 anaAdding my blog.
2007-08-06 nobseHackergotchi
2007-08-02 makotry reenaabling Lior Kaplan
2007-08-02 makocommented out liors blog again
2007-08-01 makoreenabled liors feed
2007-07-29 heedit URL for Patrick Winnertz
2007-07-26 myonRe-add my blog.
2007-07-24 makoreenabled Alastair McKinley
2007-07-22 wouteruse better RSS feed
2007-07-22 makotesting by removing Lior Kaplan
2007-07-22 makoremoved long term deactivations and comment out people...
2007-07-22 kaplanAdd Lior Kaplan
2007-07-18 santiagoadd Santiago Ruano Rincon
2007-07-18 hertzogUpdate URL of Raphael Hertzog's blog.
2007-07-08 meebeyadd Mirco Bauer
2007-07-01 nobsedisabled outdated hackergotchi
2007-06-27 damogAdding Mike O'Connor
2007-06-27 madducknew scottish duck for madduck
2007-06-26 madduck.
2007-06-26 christineFixing my hackergotchi dimensions
2007-06-26 nobseUpdated Feed
2007-06-23 schultmcEdit Michael Schultheiss
2007-06-22 makoupdated feed for Norbert Tretkowski
2007-06-22 makoupdated feed for Edd Dumbill
2007-06-22 93samAdded Dave Noble
2007-06-22 schultmcAdd Michael Schultheiss (schultmc) hackergotchi
2007-06-22 schultmcEdit Michael Schultheiss (schultmc)
2007-06-22 schultmcAdd Michael Schultheiss (schultmc)
2007-06-20 pstorralbaReenable pstorralba blog.
2007-06-19 thomonly push tech feeds for scott and I
2007-06-19 joergUpdate blogs url
2007-06-14 siretartadd Reinhard Tartler
2007-06-10 christinefix Christine Spang's feed url
2007-06-07 lool* Add comment for Gustavo R. Montesino.
2007-06-06 makoadded Gustavo R. Montesino
2007-06-01 zobeladd hackagotchi for bzed
2007-05-28 myonhopefully the last update
2007-05-28 myonupdate location for ikiwiki 2.1
2007-05-28 myonuse rss
2007-05-28 myonupdate my feed url
2007-05-27 amayalalala. Just a minor change
2007-05-27 amayaAdd loldebian
2007-05-24 makholmedit Peter Makholm
2007-05-17 ressuAdding my feed
2007-05-16 zobeladding bzed (Bernd Zeimetz)
2007-05-14 acidchange my feed
2007-05-13 makocommented out Pablo S. Torralba
2007-05-12 mjrRelink MJ Ray
2007-05-12 zobelremove MJRay for massive offtopic posting
2007-05-10 madducknew hackergotchi for madduck
2007-05-10 noodlesremove Matthew Garrett's advogato feed (at his request)
2007-05-08 larsadd Ian Haken (Google Summer of Code 2007 student)
2007-05-07 nijelchange nijel
2007-05-04 joeyNew Atom feed
2007-05-03 joeyAdjusted URL for Runa on request
2007-05-02 amayaUpdate Jeff Licquia's feed url
2007-05-01 pkernupdate Philipp Kern
2007-04-30 cordadd Cord Beermann
2007-04-30 makoupdated feed for Russell Coker
2007-04-30 pkernre-add Philipp Kern
2007-04-27 morayfix head size
2007-04-26 moraynew feed for debconf blog
2007-04-25 tggadd Thomas Girard
2007-04-25 alfieRuna Sandvik added
2007-04-24 ajtadd Cameron Dale
2007-04-23 sfllawUpdated my Planet Debian URL to use LiveJournal's RSS...
2007-04-19 adeodatoupdate rss address
2007-04-17 nijeladd Michal Cihar
2007-04-17 mhattaEdited Masayuki Hatta
2007-04-14 jgoerzenSwitch back to RSS1 -- found another s9y parameter...
2007-04-13 jgoerzenSwitch to RSS2 feed for John Goerzen
2007-04-13 makomove Martin Zobel-Helas into alphabetical order
2007-04-13 makofix typo/thinko in the Kartik Mistry entry
2007-04-13 makoadded Chris Lamb (SoC 2007 student)
2007-04-13 avdykchange the url to the feed
2007-04-12 pellere-added Per Olofsson
2007-04-12 margaAdded Martin Ferrari's (NM and GSoC participant) feed
2007-04-11 makoadded hackergotchi for Kartik Mistry
2007-04-10 waldiedit Bastian Blank
2007-04-09 dwatsonedit David Watson
2007-04-09 dwatsonedit David Watson
2007-04-08 avdykupdated my feed with a debian related news... only...
2007-04-07 zobeldisable avdyk for feeding .fr content to planet
2007-04-05 pelleremove myself temporarily
2007-04-03 evanRe-enable self after software fix
2007-04-03 evanRemoving my feed for a little while as I fixup my tag...
2007-03-31 msameeredit MSameer