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adding bzed (Bernd Zeimetz)
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2007-05-16 zobeladding bzed (Bernd Zeimetz)
2007-05-14 acidchange my feed
2007-05-13 makocommented out Pablo S. Torralba
2007-05-12 mjrRelink MJ Ray
2007-05-12 zobelremove MJRay for massive offtopic posting
2007-05-10 madducknew hackergotchi for madduck
2007-05-10 noodlesremove Matthew Garrett's advogato feed (at his request)
2007-05-08 larsadd Ian Haken (Google Summer of Code 2007 student)
2007-05-07 nijelchange nijel
2007-05-04 joeyNew Atom feed
2007-05-03 joeyAdjusted URL for Runa on request
2007-05-02 amayaUpdate Jeff Licquia's feed url
2007-05-01 pkernupdate Philipp Kern
2007-04-30 cordadd Cord Beermann
2007-04-30 makoupdated feed for Russell Coker
2007-04-30 pkernre-add Philipp Kern
2007-04-27 morayfix head size
2007-04-26 moraynew feed for debconf blog
2007-04-25 tggadd Thomas Girard
2007-04-25 alfieRuna Sandvik added
2007-04-24 ajtadd Cameron Dale
2007-04-23 sfllawUpdated my Planet Debian URL to use LiveJournal's RSS...
2007-04-19 adeodatoupdate rss address
2007-04-17 nijeladd Michal Cihar
2007-04-17 mhattaEdited Masayuki Hatta
2007-04-14 jgoerzenSwitch back to RSS1 -- found another s9y parameter...
2007-04-13 jgoerzenSwitch to RSS2 feed for John Goerzen
2007-04-13 makomove Martin Zobel-Helas into alphabetical order
2007-04-13 makofix typo/thinko in the Kartik Mistry entry
2007-04-13 makoadded Chris Lamb (SoC 2007 student)
2007-04-13 avdykchange the url to the feed
2007-04-12 pellere-added Per Olofsson
2007-04-12 margaAdded Martin Ferrari's (NM and GSoC participant) feed
2007-04-11 makoadded hackergotchi for Kartik Mistry
2007-04-10 waldiedit Bastian Blank
2007-04-09 dwatsonedit David Watson
2007-04-09 dwatsonedit David Watson
2007-04-08 avdykupdated my feed with a debian related news... only...
2007-04-07 zobeldisable avdyk for feeding .fr content to planet
2007-04-05 pelleremove myself temporarily
2007-04-03 evanRe-enable self after software fix
2007-04-03 evanRemoving my feed for a little while as I fixup my tag...
2007-03-31 msameeredit MSameer
2007-03-31 msameeredit Mohammed Sameer
2007-03-29 zobeladding Patrick Winnertz
2007-03-29 gwolfUpdated my feed URL
2007-03-27 brooniePull only some posts from my feed.
2007-03-27 amayaimprove Pablo S. Torralba's face
2007-03-27 amayaadd Pablo S. Torralba's face
2007-03-27 amayaadd Pablo S. Torralba
2007-03-27 makholmadd Peter Makholm
2007-03-26 lukAdd Luk Claes with hackergotchi
2007-03-23 tytsoadd Theodore Ts'o
2007-03-18 schizoadd hackergotchi for clint
2007-03-18 nionNew feed url
2007-03-14 codehelpupdate Neil Williams hackergotchi
2007-03-14 codehelpadd Neil Williams hamergotchi
2007-03-14 codehelpadd Neil Williams
2007-03-14 rfrancoiseChange feed address for my blog.
2007-03-14 maksadd maks picture
2007-03-14 frankieReadded my feed
2007-03-14 msameeradd M. Sameer
2007-03-10 benhedit Ben Hutchings - change to new blog
2007-03-10 rfrancoiseAdd Romain Francoise.
2007-03-06 emaema's blog url updated
2007-03-05 nobseYet another link update...
2007-03-04 nobseNew url
2007-02-27 anaAdd Sune Vuorela's blog
2007-02-26 formorerAdd Michael Prokop
2007-02-26 makoadded Julien Valroff
2007-02-20 tolimaredit Meike Reichle
2007-02-20 nobsereadded Nico Golde
2007-02-18 formorerReenable formorer
2007-02-18 formorerTemporary disable formorer
2007-02-17 formorerupdated ij
2007-02-17 kyle<kyle> i hate blogs
2007-02-09 makoadded Alastair McKinstry
2007-02-08 neilmadding Pete Nuttall
2007-02-07 adsadd Andrew Stribblehill
2007-02-07 formorerRemoved alphascorpi
2007-02-07 jordiAs much as I enjoy the HYPNOGARRETT, revert back to...
2007-02-06 schizore-add academic cat for biella
2007-02-05 awmAdd Andrew McMillan.
2007-02-03 makoadded Kartik Mistry
2007-01-31 madduckmadduck is the devil
2007-01-29 madduckanother dimension update for pixie
2007-01-29 madduckcorrected dimensions for pixie
2007-01-29 madduckadding pixie
2007-01-28 madduckadded pixie's hackergotchi
2007-01-27 madduckdisabled pixie for now at her own request
2007-01-27 madduckadded pixie
2007-01-24 venthuradd bastian venthur
2007-01-24 venthuradd Bastian Venthur
2007-01-19 schizofix thinko in biella's feed
2007-01-19 makoupdated feed information for Biella Coleman
2007-01-18 robot101add Robert McQueen hackergotchi
2007-01-13 tolimarReally fixing size of Meike Reichles hackergotchi
2007-01-12 tolimarFixing size of Meike Reichles hackergotchi
2007-01-11 jtarrioFix typo that made Miriam's face the wrong height
2007-01-11 jsogoChange Miraim's hackergotchi head sie ;-)