Adding leogg from dc12 local-team
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2011-12-14 rmayorgaAdding leogg from dc12 local-team
2011-12-13 venthurfixed my rss feed URL
2011-12-13 joergCleanup - remove a number of long disabled entries...
2011-12-13 joergComment blogs with errors
2011-12-12 rmayorgaAdding Norman's blog to planet.d.o/es
2011-12-12 rmayorga* Adding Norman García
2011-12-10 schoenfeldUpdate rss feed for Patrick Schoenfeld
2011-12-06 donadd don hackergotchi
2011-12-06 donadd myself (Don Armstrong) to planet
2011-11-22 sunereenable me
2011-11-21 sunetemporarily disable me
2011-11-15 johnsEdit John Sullivan
2011-11-12 jordiAdded Paul Tagliamonte on request.
2011-11-10 monesadd me!
2011-11-10 anaremove 2nd surname
2011-11-10 anaadd berto
2011-11-08 mckinstryAdd comment to trigger refresh
2011-10-29 kartikm-guestkartik - enable my new blog
2011-10-26 michiRemove michi (in preparation for some website changes)
2011-10-17 mezChange feed
2011-10-16 mckinstryUndo diaspora feed for the moment
2011-10-16 mckinstryTypo in URL for mckinstry
2011-10-16 mckinstryMove to ne blog: mckinstry
2011-10-10 emaEdit Emanuele Rocca
2011-10-07 rfrancoiseRemove my feed temporarily.
2011-10-07 kartikm-guestDisabled Kartik Mistry's blog
2011-09-27 dwatsonedit David Watson
2011-09-27 vanicatCorrecting url of my blog
2011-09-25 emaEdit ema
2011-09-12 julienEdit Julien Valroff
2011-09-03 brlinknew blog URL
2011-09-03 sonneadd my blog
2011-09-01 beucAdd Sylvain Beucler
2011-08-31 timoadd timo's hackergotchi
2011-08-28 blarsonedit Blars Blarson
2011-08-27 morayupdate moray.png to try to fix drop-shadow
2011-08-27 morayupdate moray.png
2011-08-27 andeteremove Joost Yervante Damad
2011-08-22 joergFor now disable debian med
2011-08-11 blarsonadd Blars Blarson
2011-08-11 lunaradd Jérémy Bobbio
2011-08-04 kolterAdd Emmanuel Bouthenot
2011-08-03 naolivAdd Debian Med blog
2011-08-02 muammaredit Muammar El Khatib
2011-08-01 muammaradd Muammar El Khatib
2011-07-26 larsEdit Matthew Garrett (requested via irc)
2011-07-22 terceiro-guestadd Antonio Terceiro
2011-07-03 koboldremoved Fabio Tranchitella
2011-07-01 damogUpdating my own feed.
2011-06-28 yohadd NeuroDebian team blog
2011-06-17 timoYes, thanks for reminding me of myself, pkern in the...
2011-06-17 pkernswitch pkern's feed from atom to rss
2011-06-17 timoDebian planet(planet) doesn't like updating labels...
2011-06-16 laneyUpdate feed URL for Nathan Handler
2011-06-11 anaadd Mesutcan Kurt
2011-06-05 kapiledit Kapil Paranjape
2011-06-04 stewadd stew again. this time with less stupidity
2011-06-04 stewadd stew
2011-06-03 vorlonlink Sam's hackergotchi
2011-05-31 agxUpdate feed URL
2011-05-26 rhondaadd laney to planet
2011-05-25 obergixedit Olivier Berger
2011-05-25 obergixedit Olivier Berger
2011-05-25 tiagoChange feed from tiagovaz's blog.
2011-05-25 anaadd guillaume, gsoc'11 student
2011-05-25 anareorder, add comments for gsoc'11 students
2011-05-24 vorlonadd Sam Dunne
2011-05-24 aronAdd Aron Xu <aron>.
2011-05-24 mdzAdd Nathan Handler
2011-05-23 joergcomment out non-working blogs
2011-05-18 bernatadd Vincent Bernat
2011-05-18 hertzogAdd entry for DM Tanguy Ortolo.
2011-05-17 siretartReadd Reinhard Tartler (siretart) again
2011-05-02 nijelChange to include only English posts
2011-04-29 kibiRemove KiBi's head.
2011-04-29 kibiUpdate URL for KiBi's blog.
2011-04-29 vorlonupdate feed URL for newer ikiwiki version
2011-04-17 timoAdd myself.
2011-04-13 meebeyedit Mirco Bauer
2011-04-09 ollyadd Olly Betts
2011-04-04 madcoderdisable my blog for now
2011-04-02 nthykierAdded Niels Thykier
2011-03-28 vanicatedit Rémi Vanicat
2011-03-25 pkernadd Philipp Kern
2011-03-18 holgernew logo for debconf blog
2011-03-11 anaremove news.d.n
2011-03-09 jsSet size of hackergotchi for my blog.
2011-03-09 jsAdd hackergotchi for my blog.
2011-03-09 jsAdd my blog.
2011-03-01 curanAdded myself (Kai Wasserbäch).
2011-03-01 anaswitch to unfiltered feed for news.d.n so last news...
2011-02-28 csmallupdate Craig Small website
2011-02-23 ctaylorUpdate my feed URL
2011-02-15 rrschange blog
2011-02-11 winnieChange url to my feed (Patrick Winnertz)
2011-02-11 jblacheRemove hackergotchi; to be replaced with a newer one...
2011-02-10 formorerReenable hackergotchi for formorer
2011-02-08 kibiUpdate dimensions for KiBi's new attempt.
2011-02-08 kibiEnable hackerlogotchi for KiBi.
2011-02-07 twernertwerner: switch to my new tarent blog