Fix filter_directories for the main planet
[deb/hackedgotchi.git] / config / config.ini
2012-10-11 pabsFix filter_directories for the main planet
2012-10-11 joergAdd patch from Paul Wise to filter out various unwanted...
2012-10-09 andEdited Andrea Veri's feed URL
2012-10-05 tinchoUpdate tincho's blog URL.
2012-10-02 stapelbergadd Michael Stapelberg
2012-09-30 pabshighvoltage requested I change his feed to the new...
2012-09-23 anaRemove Julien Blache as he requested.
2012-08-11 pmatthaeiadd Patrick Matthäi
2012-07-26 knokChange blog engine
2012-07-22 wouterAdd Sorina's hackergochi to config.ini, too
2012-07-14 pabsAdd Jonathan Carter
2012-07-14 rfrancoiseadd myself back.
2012-07-13 brlinkadd brlink hackergotchi
2012-07-09 aquetteadd Arnaud Quette
2012-07-07 jwilkAdd Jakub Wilk.
2012-07-07 tiagoNew atom for tiago.
2012-07-07 jwilks/Ev100y/Every/
2012-07-05 lisandroFix the size of my hackergotchi.
2012-07-03 mehdiPrefer the RSS feed
2012-07-02 mehdiUpdate my entry
2012-06-26 lisandroAdd Eshat cakar's hackergotchi.
2012-06-09 joergremove broken entries
2012-06-09 joergbad planet, remove it entirely from config
2012-06-08 joergdisable non-hackergotchi
2012-06-08 xnoxxnox - add myself
2012-05-31 gaudenzAdd Sorina Sandu, GSOC student 2012, debian-installer...
2012-05-27 anaadd Johannes Schauer, gsoc student 2012
2012-05-19 anaadd Andrej Belym, gsoc 2012 student
2012-05-17 anaadd Miguel Gaiowski, gsoc student 2012
2012-05-09 anaadd vipin nair, gsoc's student 2012
2012-05-03 anaadd Alexander Pashaliyski's blog (gsoc'2012)
2012-04-25 ghedoadd Alessandro Ghedini
2012-04-08 monicaAdd Mònica Ramírez arceda
2012-03-29 geissertadd my new blog
2012-03-24 kroeckxRe-enable myself.
2012-03-23 anafix eshat's name
2012-03-22 suneadd Eshat Cekar, from Debian KDE and other places
2012-03-22 neilmReadd me
2012-03-17 tilleReactivated Debian Med blog
2012-03-16 erichrestore blog, timeout was temporary only
2012-03-13 spectrare-add Pablo Lorenzzoni
2012-03-12 madkissrepair Martin G. Loschwitz
2012-03-12 madkissadd Martin G. Loschwitz
2012-03-11 kartikm-guestAdded my nick: kart_
2012-03-11 kartikm-guestAdded Vasudev Kamath as per his request. Debian Maintainer
2012-03-10 wajaadjusting feed URL
2012-03-05 rmayorgaAdding DebConf12 logo to DebConf's team feed
2012-03-03 kibiUpdate Ingo's feed.
2012-03-02 paultag-guestpaultag: Changing my rss feed to catch all posts.
2012-02-10 jebadd James Bromberger
2012-02-03 lisandroRespect alphabetical order :)
2012-02-03 lisandroAdd my blog's feed to the english version of the planet.
2012-02-01 zigoadd/Thomas Goirand
2012-01-31 abeAdd Richard Hartmann
2012-01-31 nijelUse RSS feed, Atom will disappear soon
2012-01-19 arthurliuupdate arthurliu rss
2012-01-03 rakAdded Ryan Kavanagh
2012-01-01 fenioenable myself
2011-12-22 anarcatadd myself to the Debian planet, only a specific tag
2011-12-14 joergRemove more broken feeds
2011-12-14 rmayorgaAdding leogg from dc12 local-team
2011-12-13 venthurfixed my rss feed URL
2011-12-13 joergCleanup - remove a number of long disabled entries...
2011-12-13 joergComment blogs with errors
2011-12-12 rmayorgaAdding Norman's blog to planet.d.o/es
2011-12-12 rmayorga* Adding Norman García
2011-12-10 schoenfeldUpdate rss feed for Patrick Schoenfeld
2011-12-06 donadd don hackergotchi
2011-12-06 donadd myself (Don Armstrong) to planet
2011-11-22 sunereenable me
2011-11-21 sunetemporarily disable me
2011-11-15 johnsEdit John Sullivan
2011-11-12 jordiAdded Paul Tagliamonte on request.
2011-11-10 monesadd me!
2011-11-10 anaremove 2nd surname
2011-11-10 anaadd berto
2011-11-08 mckinstryAdd comment to trigger refresh
2011-10-29 kartikm-guestkartik - enable my new blog
2011-10-26 michiRemove michi (in preparation for some website changes)
2011-10-17 mezChange feed
2011-10-16 mckinstryUndo diaspora feed for the moment
2011-10-16 mckinstryTypo in URL for mckinstry
2011-10-16 mckinstryMove to ne blog: mckinstry
2011-10-10 emaEdit Emanuele Rocca
2011-10-07 rfrancoiseRemove my feed temporarily.
2011-10-07 kartikm-guestDisabled Kartik Mistry's blog
2011-09-27 dwatsonedit David Watson
2011-09-27 vanicatCorrecting url of my blog
2011-09-25 emaEdit ema
2011-09-12 julienEdit Julien Valroff
2011-09-03 brlinknew blog URL
2011-09-03 sonneadd my blog
2011-09-01 beucAdd Sylvain Beucler
2011-08-31 timoadd timo's hackergotchi
2011-08-28 blarsonedit Blars Blarson
2011-08-27 morayupdate moray.png to try to fix drop-shadow
2011-08-27 morayupdate moray.png
2011-08-27 andeteremove Joost Yervante Damad
2011-08-22 joergFor now disable debian med
2011-08-11 blarsonadd Blars Blarson