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Added Arnaud Fontaine (Summer of Code student).
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2006-05-25 hertzogAdded Arnaud Fontaine (Summer of Code student).
2006-05-25 erichAdding Alex de Landgraaf, Debtags SoC project
2006-05-24 93samAdded carlospc, one of the Debian students in SoC2006.
2006-05-23 madduckadded biella hackergotchi
2006-05-23 madduckadding biella's tech category
2006-05-19 thomrevert to rss till planet.d supports atom1.0
2006-05-19 troupReally fix the typo.
2006-05-19 huggieAdd Simon Huggins
2006-05-19 thomupdate my blog location
2006-05-19 kroogerfixing a typo
2006-05-19 madduckremoving krooger due to unacceptable content
2006-05-17 dnusinowFix astronut's hackergotchi
2006-05-16 wouterAdd reference to astronut's hackergochi
2006-05-16 wouterAdd Benjamin Seidenberg, per his request (NM, waiting...
2006-05-16 kroogeradd Ted Walther
2006-05-15 madduckremoved biella
2006-05-15 madduckadded biella
2006-05-14 evanadd Evan Prodromou
2006-05-13 tolimaredit Meike Reichle
2006-05-12 madduckenabling madduck again
2006-05-11 madducktemporarily commented maduck
2006-05-10 benhadd Ben Hutchings
2006-05-09 rudyAdding Rudy Godoy
2006-05-08 rvbadd René van Bevern hackergotchi
2006-05-07 rvbadd René van Bevern
2006-05-07 tolimaredit debconf hackergotchi
2006-05-06 joergAdd DebConf6 LiveBlog
2006-05-01 kovnew face for kov
2006-04-30 makoDisabled Joachim Breitner again. Problem still not...
2006-04-25 gpastoreadd my new blog's feed
2006-04-21 hertzog[Update] Feed of Alexis Sukrieh.
2006-04-18 pkernReadded myself (Philipp Kern that is)
2006-04-13 jbaileyUse atom instead of rss because our planet software...
2006-04-11 jgoerzenTry switching jgoerzen's feed to the RSS 1.0 feed;...
2006-04-11 dafadd head for HE
2006-04-10 jamuraaDisabling Michael Janssen for Blog transition (here...
2006-04-08 pkernTime to leave the Planet because of dupes
2006-04-03 amayaadd Andree Leidenfrost
2006-04-02 erichremoved linus, april 1st is over.
2006-04-01 damogModifying bureado.
2006-03-31 nomeatare-enabled nomeata
2006-03-31 erichAdded linus torvalds april joke
2006-03-31 stratusadd Gustavo Franco hackergotchi
2006-03-30 jgoerzenedit John Goerzen
2006-03-24 akumria give up on Mako ever putting in support for atom 1.0
2006-03-24 makochanged feed for Roger So
2006-03-22 stratusadd Gustavo Franco
2006-03-18 jeroenAdd Jeroen van Wolffelaar
2006-03-17 fenionew adress of rss feed
2006-03-12 formorerRemoved on user request
2006-03-12 formorerreenabled meebey
2006-03-12 formorerDisabled meebey on request
2006-03-11 joeyChanged notation of real and nickname
2006-03-10 gwolfMoved my feed
2006-03-06 mhattaUpdated Masayuki Hatta
2006-03-06 sesseThat was, like, really disturbing.
2006-03-01 margaRemoved marga's entry (until pybloxsom works again)
2006-03-01 rossRevert me, and introduce HYPNOGARRET
2006-03-01 mjg59Depict Ross in a more accurate manner
2006-02-28 rossDouble-wammy mjg59
2006-02-28 rossChange Matthew Garrett's new head
2006-02-28 aigariusmigrated Aigars Mahinovs to the new blog
2006-02-26 dannfinclude my entire blog; not just tech - i have a life...
2006-02-26 jbaileyEdit Jeff Bailey entry to point to lj atom feed
2006-02-22 gwolfAdded Luciano Bello (+hackergotchi)
2006-02-22 madduckagain enabling madduck
2006-02-22 madducktemporarily disabling madduck
2006-02-19 zugschlusadd zugschlus hackergotchi
2006-02-18 dnusinowFix my rss feed
2006-02-18 zugschlusre-add Zugschlus
2006-02-17 raduRemoved Radu Spineanu
2006-02-13 pelleadded Per Olofsson
2006-02-12 rafladd Florian Ragwitz
2006-02-11 makodisabling Joachim Breitner for repeated brokenness
2006-02-09 abiRemove me, im too lazy for this stuff.
2006-02-06 kmutoupdate kmuto's hackergocchi
2006-02-05 ametzlerUse atom instead of rss2 feed, planet breaks with nanob...
2006-02-03 decklinUpdating by blog's location.
2006-02-01 makoAdjusted for David Nusinow's new URL.
2006-02-01 makoDisabling Horms due to repeat posting.
2006-01-30 damogReal name for Horms.
2006-01-29 damogNew feed.
2006-01-28 fenioreenabling
2006-01-28 nobseUhmz... wrong URL.
2006-01-28 nobseSwitched to RSS2.0 feed.
2006-01-23 makofixed Ari Pollack's borked feed
2006-01-22 ericFix Eric Dorland's feed for rename. Hopefully won't...
2006-01-22 makoupdated Michael Gea
2006-01-22 makoremoved thomas hood as per his request
2006-01-22 makodisabled fenlo for flodding and screwiness
2006-01-21 dannfnew image, new size
2006-01-20 dannfcapitalize my name for sort order
2006-01-20 dannfadd my tech feed
2006-01-20 joshkmight as well
2006-01-20 morayupdate face size for moray
2006-01-16 abiadd Michael Ablassmeier
2006-01-15 madcoderfix my feed address
2006-01-15 nomeataFinally hopefully fixing my blog
2006-01-15 mdchange Marco d'Itri
2006-01-15 hormsHorms -> in