fix alphabetical order
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2011-12-12 anafix alphabetical order
2011-12-12 anaswitch to spanish feed for planet-es
2011-12-12 rmayorgaAdding Norman's blog to planet.d.o/es
2011-10-13 lisandroFixed feed entry for Lisandro.
2011-04-23 nachofix my feed
2011-03-21 anafix my feed in planet-es
2011-02-06 anamissing /feed/ at the end of the URL [planet-es]
2011-02-06 anaadd Fernando C Estrada to planet-es
2010-10-03 anaadd my hackergotchi
2009-11-24 rmayorgaAdding William Vera, hi is on the NM queue
2009-10-12 ghostbarterrible my copy&paste of uri's
2009-10-12 ghostbarfixing the acute on my name
2009-10-12 ghostbarAdding me to planet-es
2009-08-16 rmayorgaAdding Mauro Lizaur to p.d.o/es
2009-07-21 analisandropm: new feed without ñ
2009-07-20 anaaad lisandro's hackergotchi
2009-07-20 anaadd lisandro
2009-04-17 lucianoadd Luciano Bello
2009-03-05 rmayorgaadding myself to p.d.o/es
2009-01-07 margaAdding my blog
2008-12-23 joergMore items per feed total
2008-12-21 anaplanetarium is better
2008-12-21 joergFirst new language: es