Adding DebConf12 logo to DebConf's team feed
[deb/hackedgotchi.git] / config / config.ini.deriv
2012-01-08 pabsAdd siduction
2012-01-08 pabsAdd AlienVault-OSSIM and update some images
2011-10-23 pabsAdd English BlankOn developer blog
2011-10-01 pabsAdd Blankon developers feed to Planet derivs
2011-09-14 pabsBayanihan nameserver is back
2011-09-10 pabsDisable Bayanihan Linux until they fix their nameserver
2011-08-31 pabsAdd StormOS to Planet Debian derivatives
2011-08-13 pabsAdd Vanillux to Planet Debian derivatives
2011-08-05 pabsAdd LinuxAdvanced to Planet Debian derivatives
2011-07-23 pabsAdd DoudouLinux to the derivatives planet
2011-07-23 pabsUpdate Ubuntu news feed location
2011-07-09 pabsUpdate spaceflight to their new light feed with less...
2011-06-20 pabsAdd Knoppix news feed
2011-06-18 pabsAdd new semplice logo
2011-06-18 pabsAccept more posts per run on the derivatives planet
2011-06-14 pabsAdd initial Planet Debian Derivatives configuration...