descriptionirssi packaging
ownerRhonda D'Vine <>
last changeSat, 24 Sep 2016 14:16:21 +0000 (16:16 +0200)
2016-09-24 Rhonda D'Vinefix my name and mail address in the patches master debian/0.8.20-2
2016-09-24 Rhonda D'Vinepatch to fix an information exposure issue
2016-09-21 Rhonda D'VineNew upstream security release debian/0.8.20-1
2016-04-20 Rhonda D'VineFinalize debian/0.8.19-2
2016-04-20 Rhonda D'VineDrop -dbg package
2016-04-20 Rhonda D'VineDrop DANE support
2016-04-20 Rhonda D'VineBump Standards-Version to 3.9.8
2016-03-24 Rhonda D'VineFinalize debian/0.8.19-1
2016-03-24 Rhonda D'VineNew upstream release
2016-03-24 Rhonda D'VineBump Standards-Version to 3.9.7
2016-03-24 Rhonda D'VineRemove quilt from Build-Depends, not needed anymore
2016-03-01 Rhonda D'VineRemove two dots from ... from botti.1
2016-03-01 Rhonda D'VineRewrite copyright file in DEP5 and add AUTHORS to docs
2016-03-01 Rhonda D'Vineexport DEB_BUILD_MAINT_OPTIONS=hardening=+all
2016-03-01 Rhonda D'VinePatch src/perl/Makefile.* for passing over *FLAGS
2016-03-01 Rhonda D'VineAdd lintian overrides file for the spelling "hilight... debian/0.8.18-1
2 months ago debian/0.8.20-2 Uploaded 0.8.20-2 to unstable
2 months ago debian/0.8.20-1_bpo8+1 Uploaded to jessie-backports
2 months ago debian/0.8.17-1+deb8u1_bpo70+1 Uploaded to wheezy-backports
2 months ago debian/0.8.17-1+deb8u1 Uploaded to stable-security
2 months ago debian/0.8.20-1 Uploading 0.8.20-1 to unstable
7 months ago debian/0.8.19-2 Uploadead 0.8.19-2 to unstable
7 months ago debian/0.8.19-1_bpo8+1 Uploadead 0.8.19-1~bpo8+1 to jessie...
8 months ago debian/0.8.19-1 Uploaded 0.8.19-1 to unstable
8 months ago debian/0.8.18-1_bpo7+1 Uploaded 0.8.18-1~bpo7+1 to wheezy...
8 months ago debian/0.8.18-1_bpo8+1 Uploaded 0.8.18-1~bpo8+1 to jessie...
9 months ago debian/0.8.18_beta1-1 Uploaded 0.8.18_beta1-1 to experimental
9 months ago debian/0.8.18-1 Uploaded 0.8.18-1 to unstable
10 months ago debian/0.8.18_beta2-1 Uploaded 0.8.18_beta2-1 to experimental
2 years ago debian/0.8.17-1 Uploaded 0.8.17-1 to unstable
2 years ago debian/0.8.17_rc1-1 Uploaded 0.8.17~rc1-1 to experimental
2 years ago debian/0.8.16-1_bpo70+1 Uploading 0.8.16-1~bpo70+1 to wheez...
10 days ago jessie
10 days ago wheezy
2 months ago master
2 months ago jessie-backports
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7 months ago wheezy-backports-sloppy
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