descriptiongitolite packaging
ownerRhonda D'Vine <>
last changeSat, 27 Jun 2015 09:48:50 +0000 (11:48 +0200)
7 days ago David Bremnerconvert binary target to debhelper debian
7 days ago David Bremnerdebian: move main config file into /etc
8 days ago David Bremnerdebian: start changelog for 3.6.3-2
10 days ago David Bremnerdebian: replace references to deleted README.txt debian/3.6.3-1
10 days ago David Bremnerdebian: close 778725, 779263
10 days ago David Bremnerdebian: start changelog stanza for 3.6.3-1
10 days ago David BremnerMerge tag 'v3.6.3' into debian
2015-04-26 Sitaram Chamartyv3.6.3
2015-04-26 gitolite testerallow limited remote use of 'git config'
2015-04-26 Benoît Knechtgit-annex-shell: accept repo paths without '~/'
2015-04-21 Sitaram Chamartyopenssh 6.8 again... forgot sshkeys-lint the last time!
2015-03-30 Sitaram Chamartyfix minor bugly in perms
2015-03-19 Sitaram Chamartyopenssh 6.8 compat
2015-03-13 Sitaram Chamartyallow repo symlinks while still being paranoid...
2015-03-13 Sitaram Chamartylineup the info display fields
2015-03-13 Sitaram Chamartyperms: list available roles, plus several other changes...
9 days ago debian/3.6.3-1 uploaded to unstable
7 months ago debian/3.6.1-1 uploaded to unstable
13 months ago debian/3.6-1 uploaded to unstable
20 months ago v3.5.3.1 v3.5.3.1
20 months ago v3.5.3 v3.5.3
21 months ago debian/3.5.2-1_bpo70+1 uploaded to wheezy-backports
23 months ago debian/3.5.2-1 uploaded to unstable
23 months ago v3.5.2 v3.5.2
2 years ago upstream/3.5.1+4_g2f48a3e upstream snapshot, with new Docs
2 years ago upstream/3.5.1 this is really the same as v3.5.1
3 years ago v2.2.1 v2.2.1
3 years ago debian/2.2-1 Uploaded 2.2-1 to unstable
3 years ago v2.0-signed v2.0
3 years ago v2.1-signed v2.1
3 years ago v2.2 v2.2
3 years ago debian/2.0.3-1_bpo50+1 Uploaded 2.0.3-1~bpo50+1 to lenny...
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10 days ago master
22 months ago wheezy-backports
3 years ago g2
4 years ago lenny-backports
4 years ago squeeze
4 years ago maverick